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Your Real Estate Marketing Generates Leads to Get You to the Listing Presentation. But How Is Your Closing Rate? Rick Wall Went From Closing One Out of Six to Closing Almost 100%.

The moment of truth: The Listing Presentation. All your quality, branded marketing materials are geared to get you in front of clients at the listing presentation. But once you’re there, your strategy and presentation skills will determine the success of your closing rate. Many agents tend to focus on showing homeowners how great they are as well as dazzling them with colorful CMA’s, sales reports and other market and company-oriented information.

Validating yourself as a professional, providing current and timely information, these are important parts of the process, but many agents aren’t tuned into other, more subtle strategies that can make all the difference. These strategies are all about how the agent connects with the seller and taps into the emotions that get homeowners on their side. It’s all about “feeling and sharing the seller’s pain.”

Not long ago, Rick Wall, an agent from Toronto, found out just how effective he could become in his listing presentation simply by learning how to ask the right questions, listen and “feel the home seller’s pain.” He used to focus his listing presentations around his colorful CMAs, his Seller’s Guides, his massive lists of credentials, etc. But his closing ratio was disheartening. For every six appointments he closed one.

By adapting the strategy of “feeling and sharing the seller’s pain,” he immediately started seeing results. He says he never misses getting the signature since he started asking questions, listening, and getting the homeowner on his side through a more empathetic approach. For more information on the strategies Rick used, check out the Hobbs/Herder webinar: The Listing Presentation That Works Every Time.