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Will Sell Your Home For Food! Agent Susan Vacheresse Turns Novel Idea into a Listing Appointment!

Agent Susan Vacheresse from RE/MAX Metro-City Realty, LTD, in Ottawa, Canada, took one idea from a Hobbs/Herder free workshop and turned it into a listing appointment! Susan listened as the Hobbs/Herder presenter showed a picture of a marketing promotion of an agent holding a sign that read, “Will Sell Your House for Food.” Part of the proceeds generated from the campaign went to local food banks.

Susan thought, “what a fantastic and creative idea—and it helps a worthy cause too!” There were 16 agents in the room and she was mortified that all of them would jump on it before she did.

She sprang into action and enlisted her initially reluctant husband to help out. She selected a prime location and painted her sign. She called the printer and ordered the flier she would pass out to cars and put her son in charge of sending out the press releases to all the local media. The next morning, with her husband watching from the side, she went and stood on a high-traffic freeway off ramp and held up her sign.

She handed the flier to 200 people all told. “I know a lot of people wondered what the heck I was doing there with heels, a pantsuit and gold earrings on, holding that type of sign.” Susan said. She admits she had a blast, “you couldn’t wipe the smile from my face!”

She finished her “2 hour stint” and about half an hour later, received a call from one of the prospects who took her flier. “She wanted me to come to talk to her about taking her listing!” Susan says excitedly.

Not bad results and sure beats door knocking to 200 homes. She will keep us posted on the outcome of the listing appointment and she hopes to receive calls from others who had taken her flier. Good luck, Susan. Bravo for taking the initiative and turning a free idea from our workshop into actual results!


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