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What’s Your Plan for Making the Most Out of Your Life (and Real Estate Career)?

man with outstretched armsMotivational and success speaker, Jim Rohn, said there is nothing worse than suffering from the arrogance of willful ignorance.

Today there are too many books and too many seminars on whatever area of life you need help.

Failure to seek out the answers is simply unforgivable.

Thousands of people have learned from their failures and successes, they wrote it down in books, teach it at seminars. Research has overwhelming shown the long-term devastation of short-term decision making. How dare we, then, decide to just wing it with our life, and the lives of the ones we say we love?  To skip the books, the seminars, the sermons! And why did we decide to pass on the opportunity to better ourselves?  So that we could watch a few hours of TV, gossip on Facebook, talk on the phone?

If you’re doing important work as a Realtor (I believe you are), then you owe it to your customers and your fellow agents and your family to learn everything you can.

Jim said,  “If you want to be wealthy, study wealth; if you want to be happy, study happiness; if you want to be a great leader, study leadership.” In the process, make sure that you are a student not a follower, take in what is useful and valuable and ignore the rest, but make the effort to learn it all.

Whatever you want to have in your life, you can make it happen–the only real question is will you?

What is your plan for making the most out of your life?