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What are QR Codes (And Why Aren’t You Using them to Generate Real Estate Leads?)

Are you familiar with this strange looking graphic? It’s called a QR code and if you have a smart phone with a bar code scanner app, it can read this information and provide quick access to a web page or other online or digital content directly to that phone. (Go ahead, if you have a smart phone with a bar code scanner app, try it out!)

Why a QR Code for Real Estate Agents?
You’re probably asking yourself, “as an agent, what can I do with a QR code, how do I use it in my marketing efforts?” The QR code is great for driving traffic to your website, the person with a smart phone app can be provided with a direct link to any web page you set the code to point to. It can also provide links to videos, text messages, links to  your contact info for easy input into that user’s phone’s database (similar to a cell phone “bump” where two phones exchange contact data.

What Are Some of the Uses for a QR Code?
What are some of the ways a real estate agent can use a QR code? The QR code is most often used to drive traffic to a particular web page, Facebook or Twitter page. When used on your direct mail, it is the equivalent of a live “hyperlink” on a post card. The recipient receives your postcard with a QR code printed on it points their smart phone at it and they are taken to a web page featuring one of your listings, or to a web page where you are offering a direct response special report (home sales in your area for first Quarter, for example, or 29  Essential Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar).

10 Examples of Uses for a QR Code:

  • Place it on a property flier with a link to the website page for that listing
  • Set it as a link to your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter page or Linked In page
  • Print it on the back of your personal brochure with a link to your website, or a YouTube video where you introduce yourself and make a real connection with your prospect
  • Put a QR code on your postcard linked to a special offer on your website to help capture leads
  • Set the QR code with your contact information and place it on the back of your business card
  • Add the QR code on your relocation packet with a link to a YouTube video of you talking about the merits of the region you serve
  • Place a poster ad in the local mall, a bus bench or other venue with a QR code pointed to your website
  • Put a QR code on a rider on your For Sale sign, with a link to the web page featuring that property
  • Add a QR code to your for sale sign with a link to a Virtual Tour of that property or a YouTube video of you talking about the merits of that property
  • Be creative, some people have printed a QR code on a t-shirt, great for when you are doing a promotion or event and you can drive people to a web page of your choice.
  • How it Works
    There are a handful of sites that will allow you to generate a QR code for free (simply Google “QR Code Generator”). You type in your web page, contact info, link to a video or link to your Twitter or Facebook page and the site will generate your unique QR code. You can download the image for your use on property fliers, postcards, your business card or personal brochure—even t-shirts. Then simply choose where you want to direct them to,  or what information you want to provide digitally.

    Ready to Use QR Codes?
    It’s an emerging technology here in North America. It’s much more widely known and used in Japan and other parts of the world, but you can start using the QR code quickly and easily, so give it a try. While this technology (and how people can access it with their smart phones) is not widely known yet, you can start connecting with the savvy smart phone users and show them you are on the cutting edge of marketing innovations in real estate.