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Watch for Domain Registration Scam for your Real Estate Website

Protect Your Domain/URL! It’s Valuable to You.

Picture 6Every couple of weeks, we get a call from one of our web hosting clients in a panic, saying they received a letter letting them know their real estate website domain was expiring and they are surprised to get a letter from a company they don’t know asking them to renew at exaggerated pricing. Or worse, they get what looks like a scary legal correspondence implying that there is an issue with their domain.

This is a practice called “phishing.” Companies are unscrupulously trying to trick agents into renewing their domain registration through them and leaving their current domain registrar. The scary legal sounding letter scam is typically trying to trick agents into purchasing the .us domain ( version of that URL.

These companies pull information that is generally available on the Web about when domains are expiring and when domains are purchased and by who to determine who to hit with these letters. This blog post is just a warning to be on the watch for them and a recommendation to always check with your Registrar, or the company who is managing your domain before ever contacting or responding to these letters. To all Hobbs/Herder web hosting clients, if you receive one of these letters, please feel free to contact us and we’ll help you determine if it’s a letter from your legitimate registrar, or a scam letter.

Your domain is valuable, you should do everything you can to protect it. Make sure you know who  is managing your domain (if it is not you directly), so that you have up to date contact information on file so you are properly notified when it is going to expire. If it expires, you may not always be able to renew it if it is scooped up by someone else. Then, if you have print materials with that domain, it could be costly to you. Hope this information  helps you out.