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Using QR Codes to Help Market Listings and Increase Lead Generation in Real Estate

QR Codes are found just about everywhere you look these days. With smart phone technology continuing to grow, companies have embraced this trend as one more way to capture the attention of customers, there are a lot of applications for QR (or “Quick Response”) codes in real estate—especially when it comes to marketing your listings.

The most commonly used strategy is to generate a QR code (which can be done for free on a variety of different websites) that links directly to a specific listing’s landing page. Then, you can place that scannable code onto any piece of marketing you are using to promote that property:

1. SIGN RIDER: By having it somewhere prominent on your “For Sale” sign, passers by can easy walk up to the sign, scan it on their phone and get information about the listing directly from your website.

2. LISTING FLYER: Print the QR code directly on your property information flyer to drive traffic to your listing’s landing page.

3. “JUST LISTED” POSTCARD: When sending out a “Just Listed” postcard (or Hobbs/Herder PowerkardTM), include the QR code for easy access to more listing information online.

4. LISTING PRESENTATION: When you are conducting listing presentations for potential sellers, show them the benefits of QR codes and how you’ll be using this cutting-edge technology to better market their home.

5. PRINT ADVERTISING: When advertising your listings in local publications, be sure to include QR codes for each property. People can scan the homes they are most interested in and get more information on your website.

6. T-SHIRTS: You can even have QR codes printed on T-shirts. The places you can get exposure for your client’s listing is only limited by your imagination.

As you can see, there are a lot of great ways to use QR codes to help market your listings. They can help drive more traffic to your website, thus boosting your SEO rankings. They will show you as an agent who’s in touch with the latest market trends and using this technology effectively. You can get more exposure for your listings because these codes will give you more ways to get in front of potential buyers. You’ll also have more chances to capture leads from people who have scanned the codes and linked directly to your website.

If used right, these little codes can have a big impact in your marketing, especially when it comes to marketing your listings.