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This Real Estate Agent’s Personal Marketing Definitely NOT Decaf: Real Estate Lead Generation… “Starbucks Style.”

The other day, I received a very nice email from Hobbs/Herder client, Bob Parks, out of Louisville, KY. Bob and I met at last year’s 2009 Hobbs/Herder Las Vegas Gateway. There he was excited to share how he had been passing out his H/H personal brochure at his local Starbucks. He shared with all the attendees how passing that brochure out resulted in several closed transactions. Well, fast forward to October in 2010 and he is still getting business from his marketing and networking efforts at his local Starbucks! Thought I would share his email as a great example of the power of networking to build business. (see below)

Dennis LeBlanc
VP/Creative Director

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hello Dennis I met you last year at Vegas Gateway in December 2009. As you might recall I spoke to the you and the Gateway attendees about how I was marketing (and continue to market) my real estate business at Starbucks.

Over the months since I last spoke with you some interesting things have occurred at Starbucks. One of the most successful agents in the city (also past president of our realtor board) now comes to MY Starbucks everyday! Also a closing attorney or two regularly visit. They are following the top producing agent. I have developed great relationships with all of these individuals.

Now for the amazing part. What I am about to tell you is absolutely true! I had a client that needed to buy a home asap, the problem was we needed a certain location and immediate occupancy. We were coming up empty. So into Starbucks I went to speak with my new found ‘Starbucks Team Realtors’ to get some help locating a home for my client.

Luck was on my side. The top producing agent had just listed a vacant home that fit my clients criteria. Long story short we offered, they accepted, we closed two weeks later.

Not the end of the story though! The top producing agent was so impressed with our cross sale that he has started sending me business. Yes, he has other agents that work for him in his company, but as he told me “I don’t have anyone that can market property at the level that you do” -thank you Hobbs Herder- and with that he gave me a listing that he said needed my marketing muscle and expertise.

Oh, and the listing. One million six hundred thousand (1.6 million) dollars worth of condos in a part of the city I have been trying to get a foot into for years.

I have no doubt that the professional image that Hobbs Herder created for me has played a very important role in helping me get my business to the next level. I could not put a dollar figure on what the branding, logo and brochure created for me has brought me. Well, maybe 1.6 million!

I need to speak with you about a new blog I will be starting and some marketing ideas I have to leverage the Starbucks real estate business I have created.

At Vegas Gateway last year, when I told you about my Starbucks business, I really was not sure how long I would continue to develop business at Starbucks. Now I know why I get even more business at Starbucks than ever. Consistency. Just like Greg preaches at Gateway. Be consistent in everything you do. If you are mailing, be consistent, blog, be consistent, website…be consistent. The magic is in the consistency. I go to Starbucks consistently.

Sorry the e-mail is so long. I actually have more business from Starbucks but I don’t want to bore you with it… and it’s time for me to go to Starbucks.

Don’t forget, one word for success: CONSISTENCY.
See ya Dennis.

Bob Parks