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The Fight for Listings in a Tight Inventory (Savvy Clients Focus on Direct Mail)

We’ve all heard about the “demise” of Direct Mail as a viable and effective marketing vehicle in this age of digital marketing. Hobbs/Herder has many clients who would beg to differ and are doing very well with their mail campaigns, especially as the recovering market gains momentum and dormant home owners have been waiting for the right time to put their home on the market.

Many homeowners simply haven’t had the equity to even consider selling. Others are hanging on to their homes by the skin of their teeth. But as the market shifts and continues to improve, savvy agents are looking for the best way to reach prospective sellers in a scramble for listings in this tight inventory. The answer may be an old school, tried and true marketing vehicle: Direct Mail. There’s no better way to reach homeowners where they live—at home.

All signs point to a slow emergence of people looking to sell their homes in the coming months as a confluence of (slowly) rising prices, increased equity, skittish sellers gaining confidence in the economy and a pent up demand come together. Direct Mail, following the fundamentals of consistency (branding) and frequency (mail on a more frequent pace than once every 2 months), is the best way to own a piece of these prospective sellers’ minds and ensure you are on the menu when they finally decide to enter the market.

Of course, Hobbs/Herder clients have a decided edge with their powerfully branded PowerKards, strategically building their branding and name recognition. Their quality post cards will allow them to stand out from all the noise and competition for these listings. Also, savvy Hobbs/Herder clients are coordinating their mailings with their Personal Brochure and Social Media—all carefully branded together in a tight, cohesive message/story. That is the key to success in this modern digital world, keeping  your branding locked together in step across all your marketing vehicles.

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