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Are Your Social Media Pages Working for You or Against You?

Don’t Let a Neglected Social Media Page Undo the Goodwill Your Effective Branding Generates Elsewhere

Imagine this scenario for a minute: A homeowner receives your personal brochure. It doesn’t matter how she got it, whether it was mailed to her,… Continue reading

Does Your Personal Brand Meet “The Storytellers” Standard?

Creating A personal Brand for Real Estate Agents to Generate Leads.

We saw a commercial the other day that reminded us exactly why we’re so passionate about the business we’re in. Take a look:

No, we’re not in the car… Continue reading

What is All The Rage About Pinterest (and What Does It Mean to You as an Agent)?

Pinterest has quietly become the third most used Social Media Platform. Greg explains the concept behind Pinterest, but more importantly, how you can start using it to boost your career and business. Click this link to view Greg’s video blog: Continue reading

Branding and Social Media: Turning Facebook and Twitter’s Branding and Marketing Capabilities into Real Estate Lead Generators.

The key to success in social media marketing is to break out of the mold and differentiate yourself with your own personal brand. We’ll show you how. Continue reading

How to Plug Your Real Estate Career into the Power of Social Marketing: Part 2

So you have followed my advice in Part 1 of my article on social marketing and you have decided to put your toe into the Social Media water. You want to take it slow, so you decide to start by… Continue reading

How to Plug Your Real Estate Career into the Power of Social Marketing: Part 1

The landscape of real estate marketing is changing fast. And, if you want to be ready to take advantage of the market as it starts its recovery process, you have to tap into the power of social marketing. Unfortunately, so… Continue reading