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“Social Showing”: How Apple’s Video Nano Will Change Social Media and Real Estate Marketing

Without even realizing it, Apple has unleashed massive changes in the way realtors are both showing and promoting homes.

Within a few days of its release, a 30-something couple had their iPod Nano with them when their agent showed them a home that had a kitchen they loved. They pulled out their Nano and took some video of the kitchen. They proceeded to record each of the homes they previewed. That evening they posted what they shot on Facebook so their friends and family could see what they had been doing that day. Instantly they starting getting feedback, comments and suggestions and, fortunately, their agent was in their Facebook network and was able to join in the conversation as friends and family members posted their thoughts.

The next day the couple made a post on Facebook, thanking everyone who had made suggestions and comments. They said they greatly valued the input they received and had decided to make on offer on the home with the great kitchen. They then called their agent to write up the offer. They told their agent they felt a lot more confident moving ahead because both of their parents thought they were doing the right thing. They also loved keeping their network current on what they were up too.

A new era of real estate has been born! For lack of better terminology, I have decided to call it “Social Showing.” It might not be for everyone, but today the Facebook generation loves getting everyone involved as well as getting comments, suggestions and feedback, especially for major purchases like appliances, cars and homes. You had better get used to it, because it is going viral and it’s going fast. The smart agents are headed to the Apple store today, and they are suggesting that their clients shoot video of the homes at each showing. The agents then post the video on YouTube and send the clients a link and also ask the clients to post the video on their Facebook page. This gives them two ways to get feedback from the people they know.

The Nano was designed from the ground up to shoot video and post it on the web. It is so easy that even the most tech-phobic agents can do it. This is going to move video marketing of homes into the mainstream faster than agents can image. Want to promote your broker open house? Take a quick video of the food you are serving so agents can see what to expect when they arrive there. Record a video update on what is happening in the market and post on Twitter, Facebook and your web site.

At the closing, pull out your Nano and record a video testimonial from your clients and post it on your Facebook page, and ask them to make a comment so it posts to their network as well. This is the ultimate in social marketing, and the agents who lead the way will generate a huge advantage. It won’t be long until agents are adding little professionally branded clips at the beginning and end of these videos that pulls all of their traditional brand identity into the social media world. Now is the time to lead the way and be seen as an innovator in real estate marketing.

As always, I would love your feedback. Was this helpful? Are you going to do it? What suggestions do you have that would make this better?