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Social Media: One More Thing to Do or the Most Powerful Networking Tool Available Today?

When we talk about social media at the Gateway seminars, agents typically fall into one of two distinct camps. One group is excited and energized by the marketing opportunities available through sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Then there’s that other group. You might already know who you are. This group is defined by the “Oh great, just another thing I have to do” agent mentality.

How Does Social Media Fit in Your Marketing Toolkit?

Here’s the thing. It’s fine if you feel that way. But you must understand that – whether you like it or not – social media is a big part of today’s marketing landscape. People are using the “big 5” of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube to keep in touch with clients, build relationships and most importantly, generate leads. Check out a recent post on the Hobbs/Herder Facebook page by a Gateway graduate and Hobbs/Herder client, Derrick Tornow, a premier agent in Utah County, Utah:

“This Facebook Stuff Works!

Today has been a little out of the ordinary. I got 2 listings today from my Facebook friends. About 5 months ago I played in a golf tournament – a 4 man scramble. I got teamed up with Dan & Wayne Ross. I’m not very good at golf, but I can crush the ball teeing off and I’m sometimes funny. I gave them my personal brochure and we talked a little about real estate. A few days later I looked them up on Facebook and asked them to be my friend. Today I got an email from Dan asking to meet up and look at a rental home they own just south of BYU. I went over, looked it over, showed them my comps, and had them sign the listing. All in about 15 minutes.

The other person that contacted me was a high school friend of my wife. Met him once at a reception for another friend of my wife. We became friends on Facebook because we are both BYU fans. He called me up looking to sell a home in the area and saw that I am a real estate guru on Facebook. I sent him off the listing and hope to have it back later today.

Facebook is just another tool in the tool box!”

Your Perspective is Critical

So, the question now becomes, do you think Derrick views the time he spends on Facebook as “just another thing I have to do”? Of course he doesn’t! Like he said at the end there, he views it like a great tool to have at his disposal. Think of how powerful face-to-face networking is amongst your sphere of influence. Using social media allows you to supercharge those efforts and vastly expand your networking reach! It’s an extremely powerful method to keep in touch with people you’ve come in contact with.

Embrace the New Powerful Technology

The moral of the story is this – social media isn’t going away anytime soon. Look how quickly Pinterest has carved its niche and became the “next big thing.” We’re sure it won’t be the last. It’s up to you whether or not you want to let such a great opportunity pass you by. Stop looking at social media as a chore and start integrating it into how you conduct business. Work it to your own comfort level, but don’t let it completely pass you by. Unless, that is, you’re willing to let the business pass you by as well.

Branding Across the Spectrum

Hot Tip: With all the noise in the marketplace with agents competing for listings and buyers (not to mention the rush of new agents sure to enter the market when the recovery gains more momentum), it’s more critical than ever to “brand” yourself on your social media sites. Make sure your personal brand is conveyed on your Facebook fan page, your Twitter profile, your YouTube channel and anywhere else that allows you to customize the display of your online profile. When all your marketing across the spectrum is cohesive and correctly branded, it exponentially increases its effectiveness at building your business. If it’s not, it is working against you.

Call us at 800-999-6090, ext. 668 if you need help with this important aspect of your social media marketing. Chances are you’ll be surprised how affordably we can integrate your brand into the various social media platforms.

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