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Real Estate Marketing Generates Lead for $700k Listing AND a Dog Sitter for the Weekend! A Personal Marketing and Direct Mail Success Story.

John Eckenrode out of Denver, CO, recently shared with Hobbs/Herder an exciting success story generated from his Personal Marketing Direct Mail campaign. John was contacted by a homeowner to come talk to her about her real estate plans. She was on his mailing list (John had finished an “8 week blitz” of one postcard mailing per week). Turned out to be a “come list me” call (the BEST kind). He got the $700,000 listing and that new client even watched his dog while John was away on a business trip! Wow. Great story, John. Here is John’s post on Greg’s Facebook page:

Hi Greg, I was one of those agents you mentioned at the start of the Gateway who put the materials on their desk and look at them occasionally… Anyway,  I was reading Gary Keller’s The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and Tim Ferris’s The 4 Hour Work Week and an “epiphany”…everything you’ve been teaching is Right On! It’s been said “ when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

11 weeks into my direct mail program and right after I sent my brochures out I received an official looking email from a Federal government agency: Subject “Inquiry.” Uh oh. She is a research scientist living in Denver and mentions that I’ve been sending her postcards for the past 12 weeks and wants to know if I will come over and talk about her real estate plans. I wind up with a $700,000 transaction now in process…no presentation, did not even ask about my fee?? Go figure!

Not only that, she house sat my pets while I was at Gateway…amazing. At first I was afraid none of this would work, but now I’m wondering what I’m going to do if it does take off. So I signed on for your coaching. Would have loved to share this at the Gateway, but I don’t do well in crowds. Thanks, Greg!!”