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The Power of Personal Marketing is Driven by The Law of Attraction

Greg reveals the common thread woven throughout the most effective marketing campaigns Hobbs/Herder has ever created.

Over the last three decades, I have worked hard to become a master of personal marketing. I have read hundreds of marketing books and earned my MBA with a focus on marketing from the University of California. I have conducted research on marketing brochures, web sites, ads and direct mail pieces that we have created for thousands of agents throughout the U.S. and Canada. Finally, I have taught tens of thousands of agents how to put the power of personal marketing to work for them in seminars, speeches and university classes that I have taught.

Over and over again I have been asked, why does personal marketing work? My standard answer has always been because it helps you focus on a segment of the marketplace in a way that differentiates you from all the other agents out there. Agents always follow up by asking, “after helping thousands of agents create effective marketing materials, what appeal works the best?” I always feel like I should be able to answer that question emphatically without hesitation or caveats. The reality is that I have been frustrated by the question.

One Size Does Not Fit All
As a personal marketing expert, it is my job to know what marketing message works the best. Over the years, I have been asked, and even paid, to create marketing campaigns that would work for a wide variety of agents in an office or a company. In fact, we have created what I believe to be some of our most creative and powerful work as marketing templates so companies could give to their agents and allow them to personalize them. The goal was to create marketing materials that would produce great results at costs agents with very little money could afford, or that a company could afford to buy for all those who wanted to grow their business.

The reality is that no matter how great I thought the templated marketing pieces were, they never created consistent results for the agents who used them. A small percentage of agents, one or two percent, would get great results and about five to six percent would get mediocre results. Twenty to 40 percent would break even using them and 50-60 percent would lose money using them. Eventually, this is why Hobbs/Herder made the decision to stop creating templated marketing materials and to only do totally custom marketing pieces that are a true reflection of an agent’s personality and values. These custom pieces reflected the true human being and created that emotional connection between the agent and their prospects. Over the years, we found that if we could capture whom the agent was in their marketing materials, that they would get great results.

Surprises Along the Way
Along the way, we created some marketing materials that I really struggled with. We had a woman who had spent 25 years in the accounting industry. When I read through her brochure questionnaire and conducted my interview with her, I found her cold and detached. She really did not like people in general. She always made well thought-out, calculated decisions about everything in her life. I realized that I was having a hard time creating a marketing campaign for her because I did not like her. Eventually we created a campaign that I was sure was going to be a massive failure. When I read her brochure and marketing materials all I could see was this cold, calculating person come jumping out of her materials. I thought: Who could possibly be attracted to do business with this person?
The shocking part was that when she sent her marketing materials out, they worked incredibly well. She attracted a bunch of people who were just like her. I have studied her pieces and they seem to break every rule of marketing and advertising when I read them. I always asked myself: why did they work?

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Be True to Yourself
Every now and then, we would have a campaign fail that I thought would be a sure-fire success for the agent. Over the years we found that the more authentically we captured an agent’s personality and values in their materials, the more powerfully they would work. But a fair number of agents would always say, “I think if I project this image it will have a broader appeal and it will end up attracting more people.” Every time an agent does not project their authentic self, it always fails; even when the marketing materials look great and have followed every rule of marketing.

There have been just enough of these anomalies to drive me crazy trying to understand them. Recently I ran across a book called The Law of Attraction. Its basic premise is, “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” I realized that it truly explained why personal marketing is so powerful at attracting clients to an agent. It also explains why the campaigns that are built around an agent’s passions, hobbies, and lifestyles work so well.

In addition to giving me a better understanding of the power of personal marketing, I found The Law of Attraction to be one of the most practical personal development books I have ever read. In fact, after reading it a couple of times now, I believe that it contains the ideas of Napoleon Hills’ classic book, Think and Grow Rich, but makes it easy to understand and follow. If you have not read it, I would highly recommend it. To make it easy to find, we’ve included links to the book and audio CD here.

As always, I would love your feedback about this article. Did you find it helpful? If you have read The Law of Attraction, do you agree with me? If you do read it, I would also love your feedback about the book. Send your comments to