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The 5 Keys of an Effective Personal Logo

Do you need to put the power of a personal logo to work in your real estate career? Greg reveals how your logo plays an integral role in your marketing efforts.

Logos work by triggering people’s memories of previous messages, experiences, and impressions with a company. They leave a greater impact than words alone and serve as the lynch pins that fuse a company’s communications into an integrated whole. Logos dramatically increase awareness and visibility in the marketplace, which in turn leads to more sales.

Personal logos have their roots in ancient Greece. Typically, they consisted of one or more initials of a ruler, important person or place. By the thirteenth century, this simple letter form had evolved into trademarks for merchants. Early examples of logo design were personal symbols or marks for individual masons, goldsmiths and paper makers. By the 1700s, the stamp or logo on an item reflected the quality of its maker, and this quality reflected the maker’s value. The industrial revolution moved the focus of logos and trademarks from reflecting the individual craftsmen to reflecting companies and products.