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Social Networking Goes “Viral.” Take Your Networking Efforts Online

Twitter and Facebook aren’t just for kids anymore. Discover how to use social networking’s expansive reach as a powerful and inexpensive marketing opportunity.

Just as I sat down to write this month’s tip about the power of social networking, I opened my Internet browser and one of the first things that popped up was an article about a Facebook-organized flashmob – a gathering of people performed as a quick, 15-minute stunt – that drew thousands of people to a London train station on Friday, February 6. The stunt was so successful, it shut down the station for 15 minutes.

If that doesn’t speak to the power of social networking, I don’t know what does. Yes, the thought of inviting thousands of people to your next “open house” via Facebook certainly gets your attention, doesn’t it? The reality is, if you’re not taking advantage of this powerful and virtually free new media resource, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. The key is knowing how to use these sites to your advantage without crossing an admittedly blurry boundary that causes you to be perceived only as a self-interested marketer.