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Website Refresh

Upgrade Your Current MegaAgent Site to the New Hobbs/Herder WordPress Powered Websites.

In 2012, Hobbs/Herder switched from building websites using the MegaAgent Platform to building sites with the powerful open source WordPress platform. The new platform offers much more control over your site, is better for SEO, and has a built-in blog, among many other features. While your MegaAgent site is still powerful and effective, a WordPress powered site gives you more freedom to expand your site and make changes. Click here to learn more.

Website Refresh

  • Your MegaAgent site is still a powerful and effective website. The WordPress platform allows you to add pages and add content on the fly.
  • Also, all new Hobbs/Herder website refreshes incorporate the latest web design innovations and design trends, including your website built to 1050 pixels wide.

Call for quote – Alex Bugarski: 1-800-999-6090, ext.599
* Converting MegaAgent sites to WordPress are quoted on a case by case basis. Even though a conversion requires approximately the same time and resources as building a site from scratch, consideration on pricing is given to all long term MegaAgent website hosting clients.

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