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Set It & Forget It

Set It and Forget It—Campaign Management System

Excited about growing your business, but find you don’t have the time to manage a direct mail campaign yourself?

We have a program for you. Introducing the famous Hobbs/Herder Set It and Forget It! direct mail fulfillment program. Let us handle your mailings for the next 12 months so you can focus on direct prospecting and CLOSING MORE DEALS!

It’s easy…

• you sign up

• send us a list of people to mail to…and we do the rest

• and…You can send us an address and photo for a Just Listed/Just Sold anytime


• see a value in running a direct mail campaign into your farm to build your brand and name awareness

• understand that frequency and consistency are crucial to a successful direct mail campaign


• you don’t have time to do your mailings

• you are not tech savvy and need help

• you didn’t get into real estate to sit at a computer and create direct mail messages

THEN Hobbs/Herder’s Set It and Forget It—Campaign Management System is a perfect fit for you.

You can sign up for SOI/Past Client mailings, farm mailings or both. Hobbs/Herder’s Impact Plan, 2-3-2 mailing plan and standard twice a month—you choose the plan and we run everything for you, you also get email reminders when the next mailing is going out. You can pay for a 12-month campaign up front, at a discounted rate, or pay as you go. Contact for more information. Or, you can call him direct at: 949.274.8815 ext. 714

Set It and Forget It—Campaign Management System—Just Listed, Just Sold, Market Report and Advertising Messages 






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