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Why Should You Print With Hobbs/Herder?

When you have approved and completed your dynamic and branded Hobbs/Herder Personal Brochure, House Flier and PowerKard, the next step is to get these powerful marketing materials printed. For many clients, the printing process can be daunting. We recommend clients consider printing their materials through Hobbs/Herder’s printing services to avoid the headaches and challenges of interacting with a commercial printer (at least for your first print run). There are a few very compelling reasons why we recommend you print with Hobbs/Herder vs going to an outside vendor.


1. We know how to print Hobbs/Herder materials.
We print your custom materials to specific standards set by Greg Herder. Too many clients who print on their own get talked into printing their materials with inferior paper, ink and specifications we know will diminish the power of your Hobbs/Herder Personal Brochure. Also, we are not in the printing business, only in the “helping our Hobbs/Herder clients get their materials printed and printed right” business. We don’t shop around to try and get non-Hobbs/Herder print jobs. We print Hobbs/Herder materials for our clients ONLY, and we do it very well at competitive pricing.

Our pre-press work and printing process is tried and true from over 26 years of refining and perfecting. We follow systems and procedures that have been tested and found to be extremely dependable.


2. Do you want to be responsible for the print quality or do you want Hobbs/Herder to be responsible?
Every press is different and every pre-press system is different. For that reason, we won’t take responsibility for any print errors or color issues that happen with another printer. We will provide you with a disc of your materials, created to specifications widely recognized and accepted by print shops across North America. However, not all print shops are created equal. Not all will provide you the level of quality you need for your Personal Brochure to be effective.

If we print your material, we share responsibility with you. If you print on your own, you’ll have to communicate expectations to a vendor who has possibly never printed a Hobbs/Herder piece. We know how to print our pieces. We’ve printed brochures for thousands of clients. We feel it’s important for our clients to focus on following up on leads, not working with print vendors. We also have an automated PowerKard mailing system that is built specifically for Hobbs/Herder clients. It is very user-friendly, setup is free and comes with complimentary training. If you’re not tech savvy, can’t afford an assistant, or are too busy to manage a direct mail campaign—Hobbs/Herder can run your direct mail plan for you. The program is called, “Set It and Forget It!” We can implement your entire direct mail campaign for you at a nominal fee.


3. We have competitive pricing.
We know that running a successful direct mail campaign can challenge any agent’s budget. Because we only print Hobbs/Herder material we’re able to secure excellent pricing on those items. Our brochure print pricing is extremely competitive and you can mail out 200 or more PowerKards (8.5×5.5) for $.66 each. That’s printed AND mailed for that low price. That is cheaper than Quantum Mail, Express Docs and many other of our competitors—and none of our competitors’ print and mail fulfillment systems are setup specifically to run Hobbs/Herder campaigns.

Contact for a quote or call 800.999.6090, ext. 150.

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