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Hobbs/Herder Printing & Mailing

Hobbs/Herder Print and Mail Services offers a variety of services to help you get your branding and strategic marketing messages out into your market — at competitive pricing.

At Hobbs/Herder, we understand that after your branding materials are approved and completed, you need to get them printed and out in your market/farm area. We can help you navigate this process and help you keep focused on being the rainmaker and handling your clients’ needs. We offer turnkey print solutions and direct mail fulfillment at competitive prices.

For a print quote for your Hobbs/Herder Marketing Materials:
Contact Patrick Huskey – 949.274.8815 ext. 714

For more information and pricing on the Hobbs/Herder “Set It And Forget It” mail and printing fulfillment service:
Contact Patrick Huskey – 949.274.8815 ext. 714

Hobbs/Herder Direct Mail Campaigns

Hobbs/Herder has created support material to help you schedule and run your direct mail campaign. All of these tools are free and can be downloaded here.

Give a Gift with your branded HolidayKard

Our fully automated print store makes ordering simple and economical with the same great Hobbs/Herder print quality.

Set It & Forget It

(Campaign Management System)

You spend less time creating PowerKard messages for mailing and more time following up on leads. Hire Hobbs/Herder to run your direct mail campaign for you.



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