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The Power of the Hobbs/Herder PowerKard (The Branded Lead Generating Machine)

The true “horsepower” piece of any personal marketing campaign, the PowerKard is the most essential element in your marketing mix. This month’s tip examines the many uses of this dynamic marketing tool.

randypkWhat’s a PowerKard, you ask? Quite simply, it’s an oversized (so it sticks out above No. 10 envelopes in the daily mail), high-quality, full-color postcard that not only acts as the “horsepower” piece of any effective direct mail campaign, but also cannot “not work,” because there’s nothing to open. Regardless of a recipient’s interest level, your name and image screams off both sides instantaneously.

A Powerful, Branded Marketing Tool That is Your Workhorse
The key difference between a Hobbs/Herder branded PowerKard direct mail piece and all other agent direct mail is your unique branding. It’s the single most effective way to build your brand and stand out in your farm area with a consistent mailing plan. Sending your Hobbs/Herder PowerKard consistently into your farm cements your brand in the minds of prospective home owners who will one day become prospective home sellers. The actual postcard stays the same (this is what hammers home your branding) and you send out a variety of messages on that card.

Understanding the Concept
Now, at this point, the question we always hear is, “You mean I’m going to send the same postcard over and over again?”

Exactly. That’s the point. The objective is to put your name and image in front of the homeowner on a consistent basis. In fact, the PowerKard message is secondary — it’s simply an excuse to deliver your image and market yourself with another PowerKard mailing. (That’s not to say the message does not matter. Of course, the more valuable information you can provide in your PowerKard messages, the more receptive homeowners will be and the more they will anticipate future mailings.)

To fully grasp the concept, it’s important to remember that these are not “keepers.” No matter how nice or useful your PowerKard is, no one is going to keep it. They all have the same ultimate destination. What’s important is the image they deliver in those few seconds before they hit the bottom of the trash can. If each of your postcards is different, how are you ever going to build your image? If there’s no continuity from piece to piece, do the recipients even realize it’s you again or “just another Realtor”?
At this point, many agents tend to argue that a “keeper” piece such as magnets, fly swatters, chip clips, calendars and the like would be a better investment. Not by a longshot. Pieces that are designed to be “keepers” simply become part of the landscape. They become wallpaper in people’s houses, but they fail to repeatedly deliver your name and image as a consistent PowerKard mailing campaign does.

A Crucial Element in Your Marketing Mix
Now, this is not to say a PowerKard is the only marketing piece you’ll ever need. When integrated into a comprehensive campaign consisting of a personal brochure (truly the cornerstone of your campaign), Web site and houseflier masters, the PowerKard becomes even more powerful, and will always be the most-used weapon in your marketing arsenal.

The PowerKard is used most frequently, however, because it’s so universal. Let’s examine some of the applications it can be used for:
1. Just Listed and Just Sold
A staple of real estate mailings for years, these messages deliver the message that you are active and successful in the marketplace.

2. Market Updates
You don’t have any “Just Listed” or “Just Sold” properties to announce, you say? Well, whether you sold them or not, once a property is sold and becomes public record, send a list of recently sold properties in your farm area. Everyone loves to know what houses are selling for in their area. Print a listing of recently sold homes in your farm area and mail it at least once per quarter to your farm.

3. Open House Invitations
Invite the neighbors and your direct mail farm when you’re holding an open house with an attractive, economical invitation overprinted on your PowerKard master.

4. Community Events
Show your involvement in and knowledge of the community by letting people know about an upcoming community event.

5. Promotions or Special Events
If you throw an annual Easter Egg Hunt, Holiday party, summer picnic or similar promotion, use your PowerKard both as an initial invitation and as a reminder as the event approaches.

6. Real Estate Trends
Similar to the market updates except in written form, this is your chance to let your farm area know your thoughts and insights into the current and near-future market conditions.

7. Advertising Messages
These are limited only by your creativity. Write messages that reinforce your marketing message.

8. Build Your E-mail Database
Use our proven “Trade Ya” headline to offer your direct mail farm the opportunity to be added to your E-mail database, from which they will receive valuable market updates and the latest market information via E-mail.

9. Testimonials
All it takes is a headline, “People Are Talking About (Your Name Here)” followed by 3-5 testimonials for this to become an effective marketing tool.
10. Handwritten Messages
Need to send a quick note to a client? Use your PowerKard as an easy and economical way to deliver your message, while reinforcing your image in the process.

A Tool of Many Uses
As you can see, the PowerKard’s usage is limited only by your own imagination. As much as 75 percent of your mailings can be handled with your PowerKard, which makes it the true workhorse of an effective marketing campaign. In this day and age of social media and online advertising, some marketing gurus are downplaying the role of direct mail and other print advertising. Truth be told, agents who are sticking with this “old school” marketing piece are reaping dividends as other agents abandon it. There is simply no more direct and powerful way to reach the home owners in your farm than using Direct Mail and your Branded Hobbs/Herder PowerKard!

Easy and Affordable
With the ongoing improvements in technology, PowerKards are affordable (your PowerKards can be printed AND mailed for as low as 64 Cents per PowerKard). And with the convenient Hobbs/Herder print store, it’s easy to mount a full scale mailing campaign from your computer. Visit the Hobbs/Herder Print Store to find out more.

Simple, Yet Highly Effective
In reality, that’s the beauty of the PowerKard. It’s easy to print, easy to mail, easy to read, and best of all, it cannot “not work.” At the very least, I hope this article helps you see the value and understand why Direct Mail is still a powerful marketing weapon.
Make no mistake, your Hobbs/Herder personal brochure is the essential element in any personal marketing campaign. But for delivering your name and image on a continual, consistent basis, nothing does it like the PowerKard. Put the power of the PowerKard in your marketing, and see just how powerful a tool it can be.