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What is a Landing Page and why are they so important to your success as a Realtor®?

Landing pages are specific online pages designed with the single objective of turning online interest into a direct sale or a lead that you can follow up on. Online advertising that uses landing pages designed to work in conjunction with… Continue reading

Keep Email Fresh! Real Estate Lead Generating Strategies.

After an agent has been sending out emails consistently for a couple of years and producing good results, it’s easy for them to rely on the same messages that have worked for them in the past. But a savvy marketer… Continue reading

Watch for Domain Registration Scam for your Real Estate Website

Protect Your Domain/URL! It’s Valuable to You.

Every couple of weeks, we get a call from one of our web hosting clients in a panic, saying they received a letter letting them know their real estate website domain was expiring… Continue reading

How to Win TV’s Cable Cash Game (One of real estate’s most overlooked marketing advantages)

How to Win TV’s Cable Cash Game

One of real estate’s most overlooked marketing advantages is sitting right in your living room.

Ok, if you are like many agents out there, you aren’t entirely satisfied with your production. Many agents… Continue reading

Real Estate Agents and Branding: How to Build a Sustainable Business

Branding. It’s one of those words that most people know and understand (to varying degrees). We  have found over the years that many real estate agents across North America seem to grasp the meaning, but not completely. It… Continue reading

Are Your Social Media Pages Working for You or Against You?

Don’t Let a Neglected Social Media Page Undo the Goodwill Your Effective Branding Generates Elsewhere

Imagine this scenario for a minute: A homeowner receives your personal brochure. It doesn’t matter how she got it, whether it was mailed to her,… Continue reading

How an Investment in Her Career and Focused Niche Marketing Propelled Cecelia De Freitas to Real Estate Stardom

Cecelia De Freitas was stuck. On one side was her office manager, telling her she was making a gigantic mistake. On the other side was her intuition, which told her to persevere and to let the investment she had made… Continue reading

Does Your Personal Brand Meet “The Storytellers” Standard?

Creating A personal Brand for Real Estate Agents to Generate Leads.

We saw a commercial the other day that reminded us exactly why we’re so passionate about the business we’re in. Take a look:

No, we’re not in the car… Continue reading

How to Build and Grow Your Personal Brand in Today’s Socially Connected World.

The hot topic being thrown around the marketing world today is “hyper personalization.” What they mean is that a company has to adapt its marketing to each person that clicks on one of your ads based on their browsing history… Continue reading

Boost Your Direct Mail Campaign with HolidayKards. A Great Way to Fire Up the Emotional Connection with Your Farm.

We have heard so many “death knells” for direct mail over the past few years. Truth be told, many Hobbs/Herder clients who have stuck by their direct mail guns and found a way to mail their Hobbs/Herder PowerKards through the rough last few years have actually generated steady business. But even more powerful, as the market recovery expands, they are reporting large increases in leads and business. Continue reading