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Not an Overnight Success Story, but 75% Market Share Makes Christine Crockett a Real Estate Marketing Star.

Canadian Hobbs/Herder client, Christine Crockett, could barely contain her excitement when she called us recently to share some exciting news: By her most recent tallies, she had managed to gain a 75% market share in her key niche market! “I’m sitting on three offers,” she exclaimed.

The road to this monumental marketing milestone started many “miles” ago when Christine, new to the business, started door knocking in this area. The year was 2004. One by one, she got her listings (and a lot of blisters on her feet). As her business slowly grew, she looked to “marketing” to help grow her business.

“I started a small newsletter,” Christine explains. “It wasn’t great branding, but it got my name out there.” Business grew—but it was incremental and slow. “When I signed up with Hobbs/Herder in 2008, I knew I was now starting on a fast track,” she adds. The results began to accelerate as she followed her H/H game plan.

Now, a couple of strategic adjustments in her marketing later and with a consistent implementation of her direct mail campaign, Christine is now the “proud owner” of 75% market share in one of her key niche markets! “I am constantly told by homeowners in the area that they consider me the expert in their neighborhood,” Christine states. She also notes that other agents in the area are starting to not like her. That’s when you know you’re a success. It’s a good feeling, right Christine? (And it beats blisters on your feet!)