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New “.Realtor” Domains Present Great Opportunity

National Association of Realtors® Will Be Offering New Domains in the Fall.

This presents some key opportunities you will want to take capitalize on.

The National Association of Realtors® will be offering and managing one of the many new “Top Level Domains” that are being introduced through ICANN. “.Realtor” is being offered by NAR in the fall. An initial offer of a free domain for the first 500,000 applicants has been closed, so if you haven’t taken advantage of that, you missed out. Pricing is approximately $39.95 per domain, with a discount for multiple orders.

Key Benefits

There are some key benefits for applying for your domain name. First, if “” has been taken, this might be your chance to secure that. Chances are if your name is common, it will still be difficult to acquire. is most likely already applied for.

Most Important Opportunity and Benefit: SEO

By far the greatest opportunity from the release of these domains is the chance to get strong keyword driven domain names. In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), if you have your keyword in the URL/Domain, it is highly coveted. For example, is going to rank higher when someone types in “Santa Barbara Real Estate” in their Google search. Likewise, is a highly coveted domain. SEO-minded agents have been using “hyphens” and other tricks to get keyword driven domains. Now, the potential for getting “” is a possibility, if you haven’t been beaten to the punch.

Be prepared for stiff competition for certain keyword driven domains. But be sure to explore this opportunity! You can also resort to hyphens:, or a combination thereof.

Visit This Helpful Site from NAR for more information.
NAR has provided a helpful website for more information. Below is a bullet list of key benefits from NAR on the value of securing your new .realtor domain name, posted on that site:

• Establishes a branded destination for consumers, ensuring they’re dealing with a REALTOR®.
• Search engines like Google are focused on delivering relevant results, having a .REALTOR domain will tell them what kind of content to expect on your site, making it more likely that you will show up first when a consumer is searching for a REALTOR®.
• You don’t have to use valuable characters to the left of the dot to incorporate REALTOR® into your domain name, allowing you to focus on selecting the best domain for you.
• .REALTOR offers a clean slate of domain names to choose from, whereas most desirable domains are already taken in .com.
• The .REALTOR TLD directly connects YOU to the $5 billion REALTOR® brand, delivering additional branding and marketing value – just like placing the NAR logo on your business cards or your wearing REALTOR® lapel pin has in the past.
• The .REALTOR extension can only be used by REALTORS®, immediately proving your membership and status as a REALTOR®
• Because the .REALTOR domain shares the REALTOR® name, it will continue to communicate positive attributes of trust, professionalism, community and expertise to consumers.
• .REALTOR will bring order and consistency to the currently disorganized real estate space on the Internet.
• Empowers NAR to set standards of professionalism and use that differentiates the .REALTOR domain from all others.
• The Internet is evolving and NAR has positioned our members to be at the forefront of this change, secure your future online presence with a .REALTOR domain.
• The first domain is FREE for the first year for the first 500,000 members.

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