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Hobbs/Herder Marketing Master Event

Greg Herder’s 3-Day Marketing Mastery Event

This renown event is the powerful seminar where Greg Herder shares proven marketing strategies & money-making secrets to success-minded agents:

At Marketing Mastery, You’ll Learn:

How to Reach Your Next Level in Today’s Market

Gateway is a comprehensive real estate business building seminar that gives you proven systems to attract more clients and exponentially increase your production.

Instant Lead-generation

How would you like to know if someone was planning on buying or selling in the next few months? We’ll teach you the proven direct response techniques that get these prospects to identify themselves early in the buying and selling process.

Social Media Techniques that Generate New Business

How to use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other Social Networking sites for lead generation and personal marketing. Learn how to turn social media from a time waster into a money maker.

Winning Websites, Email Farming, and SEO

Learn the keys to a lead producing website and email marketing strategy, including everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization.

How to Avoid Marketing Mistakes Most Agents Make

Today, more than ever, you can’t afford to waste precious advertising dollars. We’ll share with you the proven methods of top producers and how to accomplish more with your marketing.

The Listing Presentation that Works Every Time

Learn the powerful listing presentation techniques that will allow you to close more listing agreements on the spot. Discover how to get sellers to price their home themselves at a realistic price that will sell quickly.

The Open House that Makes Money

For many agents, open houses are nothing more than wasted afternoons. Successful agents turn these necessary marketing activities into powerful money-making events. Gateway shows you simple tips to turn your next open house into a bankable transaction.

How to Succeed with Niche Marketing

Specialists in any field have higher demand and charge higher prices. Gateway will show you the foolproof process to position yourself as a specialist so you will not only stand out from the crowd, you’ll never get asked to reduce your commission again.

Truly Effective Direct Mail

Learn the critical keys to creating powerful direct mail that gets results. We’ll show you why most real estate direct mail doesn’t work and how you can turn direct mail into a business generator for past clients, your sphere of influence and your farm.

Create Raving Fans and a Referral Business System

Perception is everything when it comes to your service. Learn the five simple steps that will create the perception of exceptional service and turn ordinary clients into loyal, raving fans who continuously refer you new clients.

All This and So Much More…

Register today for Greg Herder’s 3-Day Marketing Mastery Event and attend the seminar that will change the way you do business. Don’t delay. Make a positive change today.

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Video: The Energy of an H/H Event

Jeff Sposito, President of J. Rockcliff, REALTORS®, found a great training partner in Hobbs/Herder. Jeff and his management team realized how affordable a Hobbs/Herder event could be. "I've never had my agents be as excited about a single event as this. The feedback has been overwhelming."