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Hobbs/Herder Marketing Master Event

Ask Yourself 2 Critical Questions…

Am I losing business to agents who are less qualified than me?

Am I losing business to agents who are not working nearly as hard as me?

If you answered yes to either, you need to seriously examine how you are running your business. And there’s no place better to do that than Greg Herder’s 3-Day Marketing Mastery Event.

In the ultra-competitive world of real estate, there’s a simple reality: it takes more than being a great agent to succeed. The truth is you can actually master your profession and still fall far short of personal income goals. The good news is that attending Greg Herder’s seminar can change all that.

Attending Marketing Mastery is more than an investment in your career. It’s an investment in yourself. Achieving the career and lifestyle you’ve always wanted starts by attending this powerful 3-day conference.

There are two types of real estate agents. Those who are content to follow what other agents have done and those who want to pursue a better way to build their career.

Marketing Mastery is for forward-thinking entrepreneurs. It’s for agents tired of relying on outdated and ineffective marketing methods such as cold calling, floor time and house ads.

Greg Herder’s 3-Day Marketing Mastery Event is simply the most comprehensive real estate marketing conference ever created. It will teach you the marketing and advertising techniques to help you differentiate yourself and become the agent of choice in your marketplace. More than anything, Marketing Mastery is an investment in yourself, your career and your future.

Over three power-packed days, you will learn how to dramatically increase your production and keep it thriving regardless of market conditions. Build the real estate career you’ve always wanted by attending this premier conference. It will not only change your business, it will change your life.

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