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Bring Greg Herder in to Train Your Company, Office and Agents.

The most comprehensive personal real estate marketing training seminar — at a fraction of the cost for your agents!

Bring renowned real estate success expert, Greg Herder, to your company in a private format. Put on a special event for your agents AND turn the seminar into an exciting recruiting vehicle.

After a Hobbs/Herder seminar, agents are more motivated, better educated on how to increase their business, and more apt to invest in building their business.

  • Agents attend at an extremely discounted rate (as much as a 75% discount from the public rate).
  • Hobbs/Herder presents a two or three-day seminar at no charge to the company.
  • Company provides the facility for a minimum of 100 agents with audiovisual and any food & beverage they’d like to offer their agents.
  • Hobbs/Herder provides handout materials, speakers, follow-up conference calls as reinforcement and space learning.
  • Hobbs/Herder will tailor the program to address specific learning topics of the company (For instance, social media, referrals, getting listings priced right, etc.).
  • Company management commits to promoting the event to ensure maximum attendance.

Training Provided Strategic Advantage for His Agents

Testimonials“Our Hobbs/Herder private seminar exceeded our expectations. Sales associates continue to thank us for bringing it to their own backyard. Our agents learned new methods to compete head-on for higher quality leads and spend their marketing dollars much more effectively. In today’s competitive environment, this training provided our agents with a strategic advantage for building a thriving clientele.”

Nick D’Ambrosia, Vice President of Training, Long & Foster, REALTORS®

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