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Marketing Mastery Testimonials

Read the below testimonials to see what past attendees have to say about the Marketing Mastery Seminar experience:

“This was my 5th Hobbs Herder event. It was good reinforcement of what I knew and I always pick up new things I missed before because I wasn’t ready to absorb them before. The seminars are continually being updated so the information is current and effective in today’s marketplace.”

—John Hartman

“2nd time at seminar. much of what I thought I was doing, I’ve gotten new insight on. much I didn’t apply from last time, I’ve gotten better understanding of how it would help.”

—Wayne Chow

“Oh my goodness, I learned sooo much, it’s hard to narrow it down to just two, but, creating my own brand is definitely Number One! There is so much that goes along with that, but I will call it all One. Number Two most important is finding my niche. I do think this goes hand in hand with branding though. I am also very impressed with all the wonderful documents that we have available to us to download to keep us organized and on the right track. I am just starting my business, having taken my test three weeks ago, so all of these wonderful tools will be so helpful to me.”

—Diane Hutchens

“Greg’s listing presentation. It’s always good to hear what other agents do to secure listings and incorporate it into my listing presentation; or try a completely different approach! Just learning what HobbsHerder does to try to make me stand out from the crowd.”

“You truly practice what you preach in terms of giving a perceived value beyond my expectations. Having come out of the corporate world, I have attending many high-priced seminars over the years and I would rank this seminar (which is a bargain in my opinion) in the top two or three experiences I have had in my career.”

“Just a quick note to say that I enjoyed the Marketing Mastery presentation in Kansas City this past week. It was highly informative and enlightening. The quality and professionalism of the workshop with Greg was top notch!”

Thanks again for your presentation as well. All the best!

—Mike Capobianco

“Loved it. Upon my return from the seminar I called Darlene Foster of Royal LePage Real Estate Services in Mississauga. She confirmed that she had mailed out 10,000 brochures with great success. Even after years, people recognized and knew her, because they kept the brochure.”

—Dan Frei

“Was Awesome. .. Thank you for everything and next year I will purchase the package. I’m adopting a baby tomorrow and I have to pay $21k so I can’t afford it this year but I will save for it because wow what a great package. I’m so impressed and it was just amazing.”


“You can’t beat Hobbs/Herder. You just can’t.”

—Mary Kay Stults

Rockcliff Agents,

“Wow! Was that a great [Marketing Mastery Seminar] event or what? I can always tell when agents are enjoying and learning from a seminar. All you had to do was look around the room at 6:00pm on the third day where the seminar started at 8:00 that morning and see that all the seats are still full!

I think everybody got their money’s worth. I know I did, investing in you being there. We are going to keep this group together as we go down the path to your success. Remember, it is a way to do business, but more importantly, it is a way to do business and have a life (don’t lose sight of this)!”

—Jeff Sposito

“The system that these guys have developed , which is spectacular, is like a recipe. I love to cook, I can follow a recipe, and they have everything so completely laid out. I love it. It gives me a chance to sell myself the way I know how, which is just to be me.”

—Michael Martin

“This is our anniversary attending the Marketing Mastery Seminar and it was life changing, even for us. I always liked my real estate career, but we really like it now.”

—Scott Chappell

“There’s so much information in the Marketing Mastery Seminar, you get so excited and wound up in it.”

—Justine Ford

“When people get into real estate, they ask me what they should do. I always recommend that they take a few business classes, but also that they attend Marketing Mastery Seminar, because it’s going to show them the way to have a steady supply of clients and a great life.”

—Ron Kubek

“My first year of experiencing and having the information from the Marketing Mastery Seminar doubled my sales. I went from $1.5 to just under $3 million. Then, when I actually got my materials, I went from $2.9 to $10.5 million in 12 months. It was phenomenal.”

—Peggy Lucas

“Each time I come to a Marketing Mastery Seminar seminar it seems like I learn something else. And, I also just like being aroundGreg and learning what’s new that he has to teach us. Also, I like being around other agents who have been successful.”

—John Prescott

“The Marketing Mastery Seminar helped me realize what real estate could really be and what it’s really all about.”

—Tim Meyer

“I’ve learned that you need to advertise. You need to be always there in front of the public and what you find in this Hobbs/Herder seminar is exactly all common sense.”

—Carolyn Fox

“It was like a huge revelation this weekend. I think you come back with different objectives. You tweak what you do, add to what you do and you network with the people that are there.”

—Jada Sparks

“Hobbs/Herder never ceases to amaze me. When I think that they have truly outdone themselves, they come back and they do it again. It’s unbelievable.”

—Michelle Vessels

“I want to come back to the Marketing Mastery Seminar every year because I think when you get there you see all these new ways to implement your new business to keep adding things. I think each time you come you’re going to see something that you’re not using yet and you can just add that into your program.”

—Hazy Oberski

“Sorry i did not make this years Marketing Mastery Seminar. It is the first time I missed it since I started in Real Estate only 2 1/2 years ago. Using many of your companies ideas, I am one the higher paid agents. This year so far (it is September), I have closed 41 deals at over 8 million in producton. I will be short of my goal of 16 million, but I will finish up nicely.

I will make it to the Marketing Mastery Seminar next year and I am looking forward to starting the coaching program this year as it is now on my budget for 2008.

Thanks again and remember, when I reach 25 million the Rolex is yours!”

—Larry Steinhouse

Wanted to let you know how very much I learned at the Marketing Mastery Seminar.
Thank you for the gift of coaching.

—Dottie Goracke

“I’m writing to thank you for the terrific Marketing Mastery Seminar marketing seminar last week in Bethesda. I can honestly say it was the most fruitful learning experience in my 10-year career in real estate. I consider it a life changing event. I very much look forward to beginning my ‘new career’ in real estate as an enlightened and smarter agent. Best wishes to you as you continue to educate and inspire agents who want to change the way they do business.”

—Lila Ramkey

“The seminar was just awesome and quite different from others I have attended. The major point that I learned from the Marketing Mastery Seminar in Washington was the “For things to change for you, you have to change.” – Jim Rohn. This idea was reflected further by the concept, by Jim Rohn. “You can have more than you’ve got, because you can become more than you are.” Using the above mindset and the great marketing systems from Hobbs/Herder, I can exceed any goals that I set.”

—Mari Adams

“I have been to a lot of other seminars over the last 20 years. The Marketing Mastery by far has got to be one of the best run I have ever attended. Soooo Much super information that I could actually use immediately. Your staff was excellent, the hotel and food were very good. I can hardly wait to get this system in place. Needless to say I believe your system is what you profess it to be and I intend to be one of your success stories.”

—Dan Davis

“I thought it was extremely worthwhile, and I am very excited about growing my business using your recommended marketing program. Thank you for a great seminar – I really have renewed excitement about working to reach my goals.”

—Sharron Cochran

“I’ve attended numerous training events over the last year where I learned that the key to survival was systems. People would show me systems, tell me what I needed to do and then say, now go do it. Great! While doing that I was also supposed to do desk time, open houses, chase leads, show houses and be a wife and mother. Would you like to guess how well all that is going?….. The good news is I HAVE A SYSTEM!!!! Not only did Hobbs Herder show me a system but they handed it to me to take home…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!

To say that I’m excited is an understatement. Sally Bergquist (Sally B) is an agent in my office. She told me that this would be a life-changing event for me…..she was right!”

—Gioia Cohen

“Its was a great seminar and I really enjoyed it. My business partner and I attended two years ago and put in place a lot of what we learned…. I cannot thank you enough for all the support and excitement you have stirred up in our office.”

—Joshua A. McGrath

“I went to the Marketing Mastery Seminar in Maryland this past week. I first want to say thanks so much for the motivation and the drive you instilled in me. It was such an invigorating experience and I will definitely be attending it again and again!

I walked away from the seminar with more than I ever thought I would but the one thing that really hit me was talking about trying to have a balanced life. I work nights, weekends, holidays, etc. I am really excited about starting to reorganize my life and my goals so that I can live a more balanced life. I really took a lot away from the program. I just sat there and absorbed every bit. Thanks again for the whole experience! Can’t wait to see where you all take me in the next five years!”

—Shannon Edwards

“I am a fairly new agent with just a years worth of experience so attending Marketing Mastery was probably a great thing to do this early in my career. The biggest thing I got from Marketing Mastery is the letters to
communicate to your sellers on your listings. I received 6 listings all at once at the beginning of summer and I was very overwhelmed with trying to communicate with all my sellers. I know the letters will help me a lot.”

—Angie Crist

“I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar and that I got a great deal out of the 3 Days. I have long been a believer in the brand marketing concept and I found the suggestions and ideas about developing systems, consistency of marketing and follow up will be very helpful in furthering my profile in the target market that I am concentrating my efforts.”

—Marty Collis

“Thanks so much for all of your expertise you have shared to help me jump-start my business. The Marketing Mastery Seminar was AWESOME!! I’ll have to admit that I was a bit overwhelmed when I left on Thursday. However, I met with Peggy Lucas yesterday, and along with the conference call this morning, I am feeling more focused. Thanks again and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Hobbs/Herder. You guys are the best!”

—Carolyn C. Jeff

“I want to thank you for showing me the way, you guys are awesome. It certainly simplifies things, and I find having a system to follow and someone to show you how makes it much easier. Sky’s the limit! Again, thank you.”

—Pat Manalli

“I want to come back to Marketing Mastery every year because I think when you get there you see all these new ways to implement your new business to keep adding things. I think each time you come you’re going to see something that you’re not using yet and you can just add that into your program.”

—Hazy Oberski

“It’s amazing how much better I feel about my new career in real estate. I have done well in the past 10 years and I now realize that despite the growth, I am just beginning. In some respects, I feel that I may have just had one year’s experience 10 times over!!! I am now interviewing for an assistant and developing a job description for the position. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you and your support staff in the future. Everyone has been just great!”

—Jim Rankin

“Just want to let you know that I enjoyed the Marketing Mastery very much. I am so energized and ready to make things happen. I learned the importance of the systems. I look forward to being at a Marketing Mastery next year. You have done a great job developing these systems.”

—Chris Werme

“Just wanted to let you know how incredible Marketing Mastery was. I’ve just started back after a three yr hiatus.(Burnout). I would like to thank you and the entire staff for Marketing Mastery –the clarity that you gave to me is beyond. The concept of systems in itself is so simplistic yet at the same time the core of my business. Thank you again!!!!!”


“It was a life changing seminar and one that I will always remember.”

—Mary Anderson

“The Marketing Mastery was (is) a great experince for me! I really learned a lot of about how to market myself as a Realtor and really learned a lot about myself that I did not know. I am looking forward to really putting these systems to work and turning a new leaf over! It really was a pleasure to meet you, Don, Coach phil and all your asscociates. What a great bunch of people!”

—Heidi Wittenberg

“WOW!! The Marketing Mastery excites me. I have done some things in the past to get my business working and have always felt I was missing something. I just felt I did not have a plan that was going to work for me. Going from deal to deal was not what I wanted. You have provided me a way to change this and I’m absolutely convinced that your system will work. You guys have a great business plan and you can count me in as a believer. Thanks for a great 3 days, see you in November at the Las Vegas Marketing Mastery.”

—James (Jim) Martin

“I wanted to e-mail you and thank you for the empowerment and inspiration. Now I have to take it and DO SOMETHING! The seminar was more than I expected. I have a marketing degree and knew the marketing plan, just not how to apply it. Plus, there was more to the Marketing Mastery than just marketing. I have done some real soul-searching about where I want my business to go. Thank you for a great seminar.”

—Kim Glassie

“The seminar was “just what the doctor ordered!” for me personally.”

—Gail Siegel

“I was very impressed with the wealth of information that you provided. I plan to put the strategies and ideas that I learned into use… Thank you for the wonderful conference…”

—Sabrina Ravida

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the Marketing Mastery event that I recently attended. I returned to work yesterday full of inspiration and motivation to take not only my career to the next level but also that of my agents. I have to tell you, the weekend before the event and right up to the day of the event I was lamenting having registered and how much I didn’t want to go. The negative nelly voice in my head telling me what were you thinking? What are you going to this for? You aren’t even actively selling anymore, what do you think you’re going to get out of this? There are so many things you need to do, why are you going to this thing?” I am so glad I went. I really needed those 3 days to bring things in my life back into perspective. Thank you. I am only sorry that more agents from my company didn’t attend, and even more sorry that other office managers didn’t encourage their agents to grow their businesses through marketing and sustainable growth rather than just from transaction to transaction. I have some brand new agents who really would have benefited from being there and I will encourage them to attend future events. ”

—June Piper-Brandon

“Thanks for a great seminar. I appreciate you encouraging me to come back. Frankly, I had forgotten how much you guys had taught me. Much of it is the cornerstone of my business. But the real eye opener was the magnitude of all the things that you had covered before that I had missed! That combined with the new material made it a very positive experience for me. I found myself walking around encouraging other agents to take the leap of faith. I am totally fired up and ready to work on my business. I feel like 2008 may be my year! Many thanks for all your help.”

—John Biondolillo

“I attended [another real estate] seminar recently in Palm Desert and I thought it was below average, bordering on sleazy. I estimate that half of the agents attending thought it was great, and the other half agreed with me. I was so disappointed in the low quality of that seminar that my expectations were also low for your seminar.

Wow! Hobbs-Herder is a first-class organization with first-class leadership. I applaud you both for the way in which your material is prepared and presented at Marketing Mastery. I was so very pleased with everything and will give you raves to my office mates who did not attend. You really over-delivered. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

—Judy-Lynn Maitoza

“Greg, you have created an awesome system and I look forward to dominating my market with it soon…………thanks.”

—Marty Tuominen

“Thank you immensely for the fantastic seminar you delivered over the past 3 days. By far, it was the best seminar I have ever attended. I am already telling people that this is one seminar they need to attend. It is unlike any other. I have learned so much. Every piece of information you gave was vital to me — and I took extensive notes (I don’t think I ever stopped writing). I knew that if I didn’t write it down, I would forget something important. But, in the process, I missed the opportunity to be able to sit back and really hear and digest some of the information.

Thank you for a job well done! My life has already experienced positive change as a result of this seminar. May God’s blessings rest upon you and your family.”

—Janet McClure

“Just a quick note to say Thank you for the Marketing Mastery here in San Ramon. It couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Thanks again,

—Todd Eric Martinez

“I want to thank you so much for the great seminar. I believe it will change my life. I also will put into place the letters and phone scripts. I was considering leaving the real estate business until attending your seminar. I am reconsidering that decision.

Thank you again. You guys do a great job.”

—Kim Chambers

“I wanted to thank you again for coming to Northern California for the Marketing Mastery Seminar. I had a wonderful time. I wish I had done this when I first started. I would have saved a lot of money!! Thanks again for everything.”

—Susette Clark-Walker

Hi Greg,

“Thanks for the great seminar. It was the best content at any seminar I’ve attended. I’m looking forward to a real estate makeover. I’ve just cancelled my Buffini system that I’ve done for the first two years of my career. Just win baby, (good slogan from the Raiders) ”

—Josh Taves

“Agents are excited about your program. In over 30 years in the business I have never had agents who did not participate say I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE. That says it all. Great job…”

—Vance Smith

“It was awesome! So fun to see the energy and commitment. Thank you again – your concept is rock solid, as evidence by your success.”

—Nancy Benvenuto
Danville, CA


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