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Marketing is the Key Ingredient to Success for Service-Oriented Professional

I recently came across this article in the LA Times — it was part of their small business makeover series — this time focusing on insurance agent and business-owner Tony Freeman. I think it’s valuable for those in real estate to see pay attention to what other professional service providers are doing to build their businesses. This article is interesting, because as Tony’s business has grown, he’s lost touch with marketing being an integral part of his execution and accountability. Through my 20 years of experience helping real estate agents build their business, it’s a theme we see repeat itself. The article really illustrates the capricious nature of business cycling and how small business people can bob up and down in the waves…and forget what got them to where they are today. It also points out how important consistency and fundamentals are: marketing planning; target market definition; focus, consistency and discipline in marketing, including a referral program; and ongoing connection to clients (in real estate these are sometimes called “past clients”). The marketing efforts need to stretch across different channels: telephone, mail, email, and web.

Marketing is the key to staying above the waves. By helping create a steady and predictable flow of leads, one is able to not only endure, but build a business that flourishes year after year no matter the market forces. And that’s a great lesson learned as we emerge into a better real estate market: Don’t get fooled again.

While the article is not real estate specific, do you see a little of yourself in Tony’s story? Send some comments.

Link to Tony Freeman’s Story in the L.A. Time’s:,0,5809792.story