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What is a Landing Page and why are they so important to your success as a Realtor®?

Landing pages are specific online pages designed with the single objective of turning online interest into a direct sale or a lead that you can follow up on. Online advertising that uses landing pages designed to work in conjunction with Priscilalandingpagethat specific ad typically sees a conversion rate improvement of at least 25%.

After spending time, money, and effort on online advertising campaigns, the next crucial step is optimizing the page that people land on when they click your link. Despite mounting data that practically screams you are wasting money unless you create targeted landing pages, I still see so many real estate agents and other service professionals using either their homepage or some other general page in their website instead of a landing page designed to maximize lead generation. In fact, 44% of clicks for real estate agents are directed to a homepage, not a landing page (Insightera).

Landing pages are crucial in today’s online driven business. A landing page is your opportunity to convert a visitor’s interest in your offer and compelling them to find out more information into an actual lead you can follow up on.When a visitor lands on your Landing Page, it is because something in an ad, on a video, or in some content that you created, stimulated that person to want more information. The question is when they click are you ready to deliver the goods that will take them one more step forward and give you their contact information?

When building a landing page, there are a few things you must keep in mind. A successful landing page must communicate the following three things in a glance:

1. Who are you?
This is where your personal logo comes in. I recommend that you place your personal logo in the top left corner of the landing page. A great logo tells your visitor that you are a professional and communicates what you stand for. The colors and graphical elements on the page also help define who you are and your personal brand, so be sure all Landing Page elements are branded.

2. How does this help me?
The best offers are always big, bold, brief, and relevant to a prospect. Make sure the offer on your landing page matches up with the headline in the ad and links content that people clicked on to get to your landing page. “Message match,” or maintaining the story line is critical to build trust and consistency. One of the biggest mistakes I see agents make is that they do not do this. Agents run an ad for information on a specific problem or opportunity, the prospects get dumped off on a general home page, and then they have to figure out how to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Landing pages NEED an image — a beautiful, persuasive, relevant image. It can be a nice illustration, a photo, or an image of the offer you are presenting — as long as it is relevant and builds your professionalism and brand as they look at it. Ideally the graphic look of the page should help the prospect recall everything they have ever seen across all of your marketing activities.

3. What exactly do I need to do to get the promised outcome?
This is called a Call-to-Action (CTA): CTAs should be persuasive and clear. If your CTA is to download a special report, watch videos about an area or home, or set up an area tour, make sure the necessary steps are very obvious and easy. I know you will think your offer is obvious and easy, but most agents’ offers are not obvious or easy to understand.

NAVIGATION vs. NO NAVIGATION: Navigation versus no navigation on landing pages is a common debate among marketers. Website Optimizer tested it and found that removing navigation increases conversion by 100%—and since conversion is the goal, many marketers believe that removing Landing Page navigation is the smarter choice. A navigation panel might distract your visitors from the primary CTA. Yet other marketers concede that giving visitors more options to explore increases usability and allows them to learn more about you. I believe that no navigation or very limited navigation is best. You may have a navigation button of testimonials, as long as the testimonials are directly related to taking the next step forward.

Ask for only the information you need to have. There is a balance between gathering enough visitor data and earning the highest number of conversions. But the research is very clear, the less information you ask your visitors to give you, the greater the number of leads you will get, so keep the amount of information you ask for to a minimum. I recommend Name, Email and Mailing address (if you are going to send them something) as well as a catchall field and titles such as “Questions, Comments, How can I help you”. If you ask for a phone number make sure that it is not a mandatory field.

Targeted Messaging
As an agent, you’re probably targeting multiple segments of the market. Each and every one of these different targeted segments requires a different message. A number of studies have found a direct correlation between the number of landing pages agents have and the number of leads that they generate. The more you tailor your landing pages to the specific segment of the market you are trying to reach the more effective you will be.

Having ads, videos, and social media content that is relevant and interesting to your prospects is the first step to executing successful campaigns. Ensuring you have optimized landing pages is the crucial next step towards marketing effectiveness. A focus on landing page optimization will expedite the customer journey and lower your cost per lead. Consider every element of your landing page, from layout to graphics, from the offer to your CTA button. Keep your forms short and stick to targeted messaging, consistently offering your visitors the most relevant offer.

If you have no idea how to actually create a landing page, remember we would love to help you. My goal is to build a long-term relationship with the agents we work with so that whenever you have a marketing need you will give us a call.