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Keep Email Fresh! Real Estate Lead Generating Strategies.

emailAfter an agent has been sending out emails consistently for a couple of years and producing good results, it’s easy for them to rely on the same messages that have worked for them in the past. But a savvy marketer doesn’t just rest on his laurels. As I always say, email success is all about engagement. You want to keep your brand identity consistent, but it pays to change up your message consistently so that you keep people opening your email.

Changing up your email messages can seem overwhelming to a lot of real estate agents. That’s why we’ve put together a few easy yet effective tips to make your emails more engaging, and help keep your conversion rates going up and not down.

This may come as no surprise but I talk a lot about this at the Marketing Mastery Seminars Hobbs/Herder does around the country — video is hot, hot, hot right now. In fact, it’s on pace to account for nearly half of all internet traffic in 2014 according to a recent report from Experian. This boom in popularity has huge implications for email. Simply including the word “video” in an email subject line can increase open rates as much as 13 percent. What’s more, conversion rates increase by 21 percent — engagement that is 24 percent higher than emails that only use static images.

Listed below are the best practices for video in email:

• Keep the videos shorter than three minutes. Remember that some email clients block images, so make sure your call-to-action is clearly stated in text form, too.

• Use a still shot from your video to counteract email clients who only allow static images. Then include a clickable button to a landing page that automatically plays the video.

• This works very well for videos like Peggy’s Best Home Buys of the Month in Birmingham video, or an agent creating a quarterly real estate trends video.

The options are truly only limited to your imagination.

Color and Style
If you’re sending HTML emails, remember you must have your personal logo and graphic look designed to make people instantly connect your email to all of your other marketing activities if you want to build name recognition over time. This is especially important for the people that just open, glance at, and then trash your email. Over time you will turn a lot of these folks into clients, but if you are using emails where your company orother elements are the primary focus it will hurt you.

It’s also important to keep your long-term goal in mind. It’s easy to get to aggressive in your efforts to increase short-term business but this can dramatically increase opt outs or click to the spam filters, which stops you from building the long-term relationship and business from the majority of your market.

We suggest sending four emails a month to your farm. Send one and only one Just Listed or Just Sold email each month, one email about some community activity or cause, one personal update about what is going on with you, and one trends, market stats, advice or other information of value email each month.

The great thing is you can automate this and just let it run. CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Systems) like and others make it very easy to do. (Visit this link for more info)