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Is There an “Expiration Date” on Your Hobbs/Herder Personal Brochure?

VanHornCoverThumbnailIs it Time for a “Refresh?”

We’ve been dealing with a lot of clients lately who originally did their brochures several years ago and are now coming back to us and “refreshing” their marketing campaigns.

We’ve always recommended that you replace your pictures every 3-5 years. Looks change, fashion evolves, children grow up—there are many reasons why it’s worth taking the time to update your photography to keep your brochure from becoming stale or dated. However, every so often, it makes sense to make other updates to the content or even design of the campaign.

You’ve had the marketing out there for years. You know what people react to and what might not be hitting home quite as much, so some tweaks could be necessary. You might have changed companies or earned a broker’s license that’s worth mentioning in the copy. Maybe your hobbies or lifestyle has changed in some significant way (you got married, had kids, got divorced, etc.). You could be just getting a little tired of your old color scheme and it might be worth exploring some graphic changes.

One of our clients, Sharon Kong, recently moved from Vancouver, BC to San Francisco, CA and restarted her real estate career. Her original brochure and branding materials were still perfectly viable, but obviously the background pictures of the area, brokerage information, contact information and other minor details needed to be changed to reflect her new Bay Area market.

Chad Van Horn from Holland, MI is a longtime client of ours. Just last year, his daughter, Josi,  joined him in real estate and we revamped his materials to include her as his business partner. This year, the team grew once again when his wife, Jenny, also joined the team full time. In this case, it made sense to alter the branding to reflect the Van Horn Team concept. Though the look of his materials hasn’t changed much over the years, the story was completely rewritten and the new pictures highlight their unique family team concept.

Is your brochure in need of an update? Perhaps it’s time for a “refresh.” We’ll be happy to look at your current materials with you and see where some strategic revisions and new photography can help make it even more successful for the coming years. For more information about refreshing your campaign, contact Aleks Bugarski at 657-235-3639.