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Is a Dependency on External Motivation Hindering Your Real Estate Production?

Is a dependency on external motivation stopping you from reaching your full potential?

One of the after effects of the industrial age is the reliance that many people have on external motivation. We even teach it to our kids: I will pay you to clean your room. What we should be teaching them is: We clean our room because it is a reflection of the people that we are.

In today’s economic system, relying on external rewards is becoming much less useful. Yet, I see many people who are depending on cheers and thank you’s from their Facebook and Twitter followers. This leads to a disconnect from how life really works. I hear a lot of agents say, if this is all my broker pays on my commission split, why should I do more? The reason to always give 110%, is because it makes you a better person. When you focus on what you can give without being worried about what you get in return, you will end up making much more. I know this does not sit well with a lot of people, but I believe it is true.

Today, look inside for your motivation and ask yourself, “if I give less than my very best effort, where will that take me over the long run?”

Giving your best in everything is the way to true happiness and fulfillment in life.  Look inside yourself for your motivation, and you will be much better off. You will find the strength inside to push yourself harder than any boss, coach or friend ever could. When you can lead yourself, it is also the first step to truly being able to lead others.