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How to Win TV’s Cable Cash Game (One of real estate’s most overlooked marketing advantages)

How to Win TV’s Cable Cash Game

One of real estate’s most overlooked marketing advantages is sitting right in your living room.

jayTVOk, if you are like many agents out there, you aren’t entirely satisfied with your production. Many agents are feeling like they are working twice as hard but not feeling real tangible growth. Many agents are worn out scrambling for listings in a tight inventory. Other agents feel that there will be real opportunity in the next 12 to 24 months, but are not sure how best to grab more of that market share. It may be time to cash in with cable TV advertising.

Cable TV is one of the best keep secrets in real estate marketing. In 95% of U.S. markets, you can buy a 30-second cable TV spot on a strong cable program like CNN, Comedy Central, and The Family Channel for under $100 per spot, in some locales, even cheaper. Think about it. The television is the most powerful marketing medium ever invented. It combines sight, sound and motion so that you can bombard a prospect’s senses and create an emotional connection with them. No other advertising or marketing medium even comes close to its power.

Target Marketing

Even more amazing is that in today’s cable TV marketplace, you can buy advertising in a highly targeted group of homes in your area. This ability to buy advertising that reaches a small targeted group of homes is what makes cable TV one of the greatest values to a real estate professional today.
Unfortunately, most agents that do try TV advertising make the same fatal mistakes that lead to failure. They think that they are trying to sell something, like a house or their experience, knowledge or service. So they create commercials that are strong in education and information but fail to reach out a grab prospects emotionally.

Great TV advertising reaches out and touches people emotionally. As a real estate professional, the number one goal of a TV commercial should get people to feel good about you as a person. To help you understand what I am talking about, view the television commercial we created for our longtime client and friend, Jay Cannone:

Secrets to Cashing In
Now let me share with you the secrets that will help you cash in on cable TV. First, you must understand that cable TV works best when you already have solid name recognition in your marketplace. If you have already been sending out direct mail and running print ads, you will find that cable TV will dramatically increase the impact of those activities.

When a prospect sees you on TV and then sees an ad in the newspaper or picks up a piece of direct mail that you have sent out, your print materials produce a much greater response rate than without TV. So, when you start your cable campaign, you cannot stop your other forms of marketing. TV must be added to what you are already doing. For new agents, I recommend that you do not start a TV campaign until you have a traditional marketing campaign already in place.

Establishing a Budget

Next you need to establish a budget. Call your local cable station and ask them for a media kit complete with pricing information. Ideally you would like to run 15 to 25 commercials per month. This should cost you between $600 and $1,500 per month. You might save yourself 10-20% off the cost if you sign up for a six-month contract. A long-term contract is a great idea because you want to have consistency over time.

Next you want to make sure that your commercial grabs your prospect emotionally. It is critical that your TV commercial carry the same graphic theme and style as your direct mail and advertising campaigns so that each different medium reinforces the other. Don’t allow the cable company to talk you into allowing them to do a free commercial for you. I promise you, you will not be happy with the results. It should cost you about $2,000 for a writer to come up with a great story board and script complete with directors’ notes and an additional $3,000 to shoot and edit your 30-second spot. A well done commercial should last two or three years and is worth every penny. Hobbs/Herder can help  you write a script tailored to your branding and marketing message at a great price. View more information.

TV Power Equals Increased Production
The power of TV advertising is that it will amplify the return on investment of everything else that you are doing. Over and over again, we have seen top producing agents double their business over the year before simply adding cable TV into their marketing mix. If you want to break through to the next level of productivity, it’s probably time to cash in with cable TV.

If you think a television commercial will help you get ahead of your competition, contact Aleks Bugarski at 1-800-999-6090, ext. 599 for more information.