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How an Investment in Her Career and Focused Niche Marketing Propelled Cecelia De Freitas to Real Estate Stardom

Niche Marketing Real Estate MarketingCecelia De Freitas was stuck. On one side was her office manager, telling her she was making a gigantic mistake. On the other side was her intuition, which told her to persevere and to let the investment she had made in her career play out.

Cecelia, a RE/MAX agent from outside Toronto, hired Hobbs/Herder to create a customized personal marketing campaign. Like many agents, she didn’t have a lot of money to invest in her career, but she had taken a leap of faith after experiencing a Gateway seminar with Greg Herder. She remembers Greg’s words, imploring agents to invest in their careers and focus on a niche market rather than trying to be all things to all people. She agreed that differentiation through branding and powerful niche marketing would ultimately be her keys to success in real estate. But when she launched her campaign and it didn’t immediately rocket her to top producer status, and she was worried. Suddenly, her office manager attempted to drown out Greg’s words with advice of his own:

“You should just stop,” he told Cecelia. “I’m telling you for your own good.”

To her credit, Cecelia didn’t stop. “I had come too far,” she says. “I had too much invested in it to just quit.” And before long, her belief paid off.

Big time.

You see, Cecelia’s campaign allowed her to crack her area’s luxury homes market, specifically an affluent community called Weston Downs. Before long, she had taken several listings and sold two multi-million dollar homes. Better yet, she had proof that her marketing was working. Suddenly Cecelia found herself getting recognized throughout her community as a luxury real estate specialist. “You’re that luxury girl,” people would say. The reputation led to listings. The listings led to sales. The sales led to recognition in the form of an award bestowed upon her for best real estate marketing. She was also featured in the RE/MAX magazine, Flight, sharing advice for how to break into the luxury market.

Cecelia attributes it all to the investment she made back at the Gateway. “Hobbs/Herder really helped me to get me started,” she says. “It was the best thing that ever happened.”

Her manager? Well, he was forced to reconsider his advice. “He apologized,” she says with a laugh.

Get There Faster

Looking back, what Cecelia appreciates most is how her marketing campaign allowed her to, in essence, skip some of the typical “levels” when growing a real estate business. In analyzing her success, it becomes obvious that Cecelia was willing to do several things that most agents shy away from, to their own detriment. First of all, Cecelia invested capital into building a cohesive marketing campaign. Second, she positioned herself as a luxury property specialist without worrying about “losing out on” business from other market segments. Third, she maintained her belief in her approach even when it wasn’t immediately successful. Far too often agents jump from one plan to the next, which never gives any plan a chance to truly flourish.

A lot can be learned those three lessons from Cecelia’s story, especially in today’s real estate sector, with many areas emerging from the extended downturn and actually heating up. Are you making the investments in your career that will position you for success as the market rebounds? Are you willing to stand for something and niche market yourself to increase your appeal? Do you have the conviction to pursue your goals and stick with your plan until you are successful?

If your answer is yes, you’re on the right track. However, if you answered no to any of these three questions and are unsure of where your career is headed, let us help. Give us a call to schedule a free marketing consultation. Call 1-800-999-6090 ext. 599.