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How An Avid Starbucks Fan Turned his “Daily Cup o’ Joe” Habit into His Most Effective Lead-Generating and Transaction-Closing Real Estate Marketing Strategy!

This is a true story about how one agent generated 12 “closed” transactions from simply passing out his Hobbs/Herder Personal Brochure. Bob Parks, a client and fan of Hobbs/Herder out of Louisville, KY recently shared an incredible marketing success story at the 2009 Hobbs/Herder Las Vegas Gateway. Bob printed his Hobbs/Herder Personal Brochure in late 2008 and was ready to launch his campaign in early 2009. However, like many of us last year, his funds were tight. He was unable to afford to mail out his brochure to his farm.

bob_parks1“I was anxious to start my campaign, but I was stymied,” Bob explains. So Bob got creative. An avid coffee fan and “fixture” at the local Starbucks, Bob started introducing himself and passing out his brochure to fellow patrons on a daily basis. “I just committed myself to making those introductions and getting my brochure in their hands,” he says.

Then an interesting thing happened. He started building a network of fellow coffee aficionados and became known as the “Realtor-guy at Starbucks.” People would start joining him at his table and start talking real estate, asking him for his take on the market, etc. Then an even more interesting thing happened. These people in his group (as well as people referred by this group) started listing their homes with Bob. “Over the course of 2009, I actually ended up closing 12 transactions directly from passing my brochure at Starbucks!” Bob proudly points out. “And I believe there’s more to come.”

The key points to be learned from this great Personal Brochure marketing success story? First, when you are running a Hobbs/Herder marketing campaign, it is critical to not just mail your brochure, you also have to pass your brochure out at every opportunity, on a daily basis. It might make some feel uneasy to do this, but if you could generate 12 closed transactions, is that motivation enough? Second, what Bob was doing was a form of Social Networking. He did it face-to-face, but it’s the same concept as networking yourself online through Social Media. Networking, whether in person or online, is a key component of a successful marketing campaign. Great story, Bob!