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How a QR Code and a Simple Video Can Bring Your Real Estate Personal Brochure to Life!

For more than 25 years, the Hobbs/Herder personal brochure has been the cornerstone of countless agents’ success. And you know why? Because this powerful lead-generating marketing tool isn’t all about sales figures and alphabet soup designations, it’s about YOU! You are the product and when you can convey your personality and interests through compelling text and graphics, it’s a proven approach to building relationships with prospective clients.

The Backbone of Your Personal Marketing
In today’s high-tech world, many agents overlook the fact that the personal brochure is the backbone of any successful marketing campaign. With new technological advances arriving on the scene every day, it’s easy to get infatuated with those and forget about the basics. But in this article we’re going to show you how to blend that core component – your personal brochure – with newer technology – QR codes and YouTube videos – to create one powerful message.

Here’s how it works:
First, you create your personal brochure, which should be a given for any agent serious about success in today’s market. Next, you shoot a quick introductory video designed to augment the message from the brochure. This isn’t a resume or a rattling off of cliches like “I’m number one in service” or listing all your real estate designations, but rather a “quick hello” to allow viewers to feel comfortable with you. When shooting your video, try to emulate your brochure as much as possible to foster continuity across your marketing. This means introducing yourself along with your marketing slogan at the beginning of the video and using the same concepts and thoughts conveyed in the brochure, only in your own words.

Bring in the Technology Next
Finally, create a QR code (for the last few uninitiated, it’s one of those blocky black-and-white squares that are showing up everywhere these days) that links to the video on YouTube, and have it printed on a nice insert card to include with your personal brochure. The next time you mail your brochure, modify your cover letter to reference the QR code insert card, and invite people to view your video.

Double Bonus
Not only will this bolster the impact of your personal brochure, furthering the recipient’s connection to you, but it will also demonstrate how you utilize technology in your business and position you as a cutting-edge agent. Best of all, it should be relatively inexpensive. Most point-and-shoot cameras shoot high-definition video these days, YouTube is free and the insert cards will run pennies apiece.

So go ahead and embrace technology, but don’t forget that it all starts with the personal brochure. Then use the technology to discover new and exciting ways to bring your brochure – and your brand – to life!

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