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Do You Feel Lucky? Why 2013 Will Be Your Year and What You Should Do to Make That Happen!

Real Estate Marketing for 2013Over the 26 years we’ve been training and educating agents on how to achieve success in their careers through Personal Marketing and through approaching their careers from a marketing perspective versus a selling perspective, there’s one thing you can always count on with the vast majority of agents — they fail to plan. What’s the saying? “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

As 2013 is looming on the horizon, it’s more critical than ever to start planning now. The burgeoning market recovery will gain even more momentum next year, and what you do now will directly affect how much you will capitalize next year.

In the past, Hobbs/Herder has sent e-news articles and blog posts late in the year with strategies and tips on how best to plan for the coming year. This year we are starting early. In the next weeks and coming blog posts, we will focus on steps, strategies, mindsets and action items you need to start implementing now.

If you are like most agents in business today, you are a survivor. You’ve scratched and clawed  your way through these brutal last few years. Congratulations, you are a survivor. However, as this long awaited recovery starts gaining steam through the end of this year and into 2013, new agents will inevitably come into the industry. In many regions, inventory is tight with listings. Add the coming tide of new or returning agents who you will need to compete against and you can see why it’s critical to ramp up now.

Watch for upcoming blog posts to help you prime the pumps to make the coming year the best it can be for you. Also, the best way to prime the pumps for success in 2013 is to attend the annual Hobbs/Herder Marketing Mastery Gateway Seminar in Las Vegas, December 4-6. It’s three days of intense marketing training, strategies, tips, insights and actionable items that will give you the edge you need in the coming year. Click here to learn more about this incredible program on lead generation strategies, business building action items and marketing tools.