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Boost Your Direct Mail Campaign with HolidayKards. A Great Way to Fire Up the Emotional Connection with Your Farm.

We have heard so many “death knells” for direct mail over the past few years. Truth be told, many Hobbs/Herder clients who have stuck by their direct mail guns and found a way to mail their Hobbs/Herder PowerKards through the rough last few years have actually generated steady business. But even more powerful, as the market recovery expands, they are reporting large increases in leads and business.

These clients are the smart marketers. Marketing and advertising experts have always expounded that firms and companies who continue to advertise in slow times realize an exponential growth when the economy rebounds, since they kept “top of mind awareness” by staying visible to their target market.

It’s not too late to ramp up your direct mail as the market recovery will be a slow steady growth.

Key points to remember:

• Mail 2-3 times a month (especially if you have not mailed in a while). Once a month is not recommended.

• Keep your PowerKard Messages focused on market updates, such as just listed, just solds, recent sales, and other market data home sellers love to receive. You want about a 2 to 1 ratio of market updates to all other messages.

• Mail your Personal Brochure 2 times a year (time one mailing to arrive early in the year to capitalize on your spring market.

One way to truly inject a powerful emotional connection with your farm is to send HolidayKards a few times a year. These are like Hallmark cards, but they have personalized messages with your branding inside. See an example here.

HolidayKards are a great way to strengthen your connection with your farm. They are fun and memorable, and they allow you to stand out from competing mailings from other agents in your area. Hear Greg Herder’s explanation. 

HolidayKards are designed to be sent around fun, quirky holidays for maximum effect, such as Ground Hogs Day, April Fools and Merry AFTER Christmas. These truly strike a chord with your prospects and make them feel a rapport with you, thus increasing the chances they will consider you when they move.

As the year end approaches, it’s the perfect time to order a Thanksgiving card and be sure to order the client favorite “Merry AFTER Christmas.” Order your HoldayKards today so they are ready to be sent on the designated holiday. The Merry AFTER Christmas card should arrive with 5-7 days after Christmas day.

Keep your focus on your Direct Mail campaign and you’ll reap great dividends as the market recovery expands throughout 2013.