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When it Comes to Your Bio, Make Sure You Go for the Gold!

Your personal story can be a powerful thing. The only problem is that it's obvious most agents don't have the first clue how to tell their own story. Greg explains in this blog post. By Greg Herder Continue reading

The Critical Role Photography Plays in Your Personal Marketing and Real Estate Lead Generation.

Effective Personal Marketing is all about creating an emotional connection. All the Fortune 500 companies know this. Madison Avenue has effectively tapped into this to brand everything from tennis shoes to corn flakes. At Hobbs/Herder, we’ve been teaching this to real estate agents for nearly three decades. Continue reading

Greg Herder Talks About “Bounce Rates” and Landing Pages

In this video installment, Greg Herder talks about an important metric for your website and landing pages. Continue reading

Opportunity is Knocking! Will you Answer?

As I am getting ready to start the 3 day Marketing Mastery here in Atlanta, I realize that so far in 2012 ALL 50 STATES have REPORTED increased HOME SALES, year over year! Rates are the lowest ever at 3.8%… Continue reading

Playing the Match Game: 3 Critical Areas in Which You Must Match Your Market

Appealing to your market doesn’t solely rest on your direct mail and other marketing materials. Here are three critical areas of focus to ensure your market can relate to you. By Greg Herder Continue reading

The Critical Difference Between Tactical and Strategic Thinking

Are you shooting from the hip or working from a larger plan? Don explains the difference between the two and why your answer is important to your success. By Greg Herder Continue reading

The 5 Keys of an Effective Personal Logo

Do you need to put the power of a personal logo to work in your real estate career? Greg reveals how your logo plays an integral role in your marketing efforts. By Greg Herder Continue reading

Do You Think Like a Real Estate Salesperson or a Real Estate Marketing Professional?

Understanding the huge difference between sales and marketing is the first step to becoming a great marketer who can attract a steady flow of clients coming your way. Greg Herder examines the chasm that separates these interrelated, yet vastly different disciplines. By Greg Herder Continue reading

The Critical Difference Between Working On Your Business and In It

We have all heard the advice many times that to succeed in a big way you have to learn to work on your business and stop working in it. But what does that really mean, how do you do it and why is it so hard?

The Textbook Definition First, you must have a clear understanding of the difference between working in and working on your real estate career. Working in your business covers all the things that you do to conduct real estate, it includes creating your marketing, handling calls, selling, showing, servicing, running, earning – you know, the seemingly endless “stuff” you have to do to get a sale closed.

Working on your business means taking a step back to look at how you do each thing and trying to figure out if there is a more effective way, order or system to do the things that have to get done in order to complete a transaction.

Continue reading

Using QR Codes to Help Market Listings and Increase Lead Generation in Real Estate

QR Codes are found just about everywhere you look these days. With smart phone technology continuing to grow, companies have embraced this trend as one more way to capture the attention of customers, there are a lot of applications for QR (or “Quick Response”) codes in real estate—especially when it comes to marketing your listings. Continue reading