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Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned from 26 Years Running Hobbs/Herder Advertising

Greg Herder identifies the common traits shared by some of the most successful campaigns in his 26 years running Hobbs/Herder Advertising. Continue reading

Field of (Real Estate) Dreams: Build the Relationship and They Will Come

All Things Being Equal

There is a wise old adage: “All things being equal, people do business with people they like. All things being unequal, people still do business with people they like.” After the past few years of recession… Continue reading

Back to Basics: The Power of a Personal Letter

Old-fashioned personal letters add a powerful punch to your marketing campaign. Don’t overlook this proven method to build rapport with your prospective clients.

In today’s world of customized web pages, graphic-rich e-mail, social media posts and myriad high-tech marketing options,… Continue reading

Protected: Are You Leading or Just Managing Your Real Estate Office? Becoming a True Leader is Vital to the Success of Your Business.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The Curse of Knowing Too Much About Real Estate

Greg explains why agents tend to create marketing materials that only appeal to other agents - and shares tips to turn your marketing around. By Greg Herder, February 2007 Continue reading

The Real Estate Personal Marketing Tools of the Trade

Successful branding isn’t just a matter of having an assortment of marketing materials, but knowing how to use them effectively. We'll help you organize your marketing tool box in this useful blog post. Continue reading

How a QR Code and a Simple Video Can Bring Your Real Estate Personal Brochure to Life!

An innovative way to make the most powerful prospecting tool in your arsenal (the Hobbs/Herder Personal Brochure) even more potent and effective. Continue reading

Social Media: One More Thing to Do or the Most Powerful Networking Tool Available Today?

There are two ways for agents to look at Social Media marketing. It's either: "Oh, great. One more thing to put on my "to-do" list, or the savvier perspective: "Now I can supercharge my networking abilities and generate even more leads!" Continue reading

What is All The Rage About Pinterest (and What Does It Mean to You as an Agent)?

Pinterest has quietly become the third most used Social Media Platform. Greg explains the concept behind Pinterest, but more importantly, how you can start using it to boost your career and business. Click this link to view Greg’s video blog: Continue reading

Why Put the “Personal” in “Personal Marketing”?

Learn What Successful Agents Know: It's Not About Real Estate ... It's About People Continue reading