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Ready or Not, GO! Make This Year YOUR Year with the Right Mindset.

In business, there’s always an excuse why not to improve yourself. Greg explains how this mentality will cripple your career and he’ll show you how to grow your business the right way.

Agents, have you made any resolutions for the… Continue reading

Is 2015 “The Year of the Listing”? How to Double Down and Reap Big Dividends in 2015.


Some industry bloggers, forecasters and prognosticators are predicting a wave of new listings in 2015. Here is the secret to capitalizing if that is indeed the scenario: DIRECT MAIL.

I know it’s become an unpopular marketing tool. We’ve… Continue reading

Is Your Cell Phone Greeting Losing You Business?

As Creative Director for Hobbs/Herder Advertising, my focus is always on how we can help clients build their business, generate leads and close more deals. I am highly tuned into the whole process of prospecting for leads and converting those… Continue reading

What’s the ONE Thing I Should Do With My Real Estate Marketing to Generate Leads?

Why the personal brochure for real estate agents is still the answer to: “What’s the one thing I should do with my real estate marketing to generate leads and build my personal brand?”

As the Creative Director of Hobbs/Herder, the… Continue reading

Managers and Brokers: How to Help Part Time Agents Turn into Full Time Producers

Sometimes it’s a big leap of faith to get agents who are part time or have not “fully committed” to aggressively being a full time sales associate. Here is one way to help your agents make that leap. It’s not… Continue reading

New “.Realtor” Domains Present Great Opportunity

National Association of Realtors® Will Be Offering New Domains in the Fall.

This presents some key opportunities you will want to take capitalize on.

The National Association of Realtors® will be offering and managing one of the many new “Top… Continue reading

Your Value As A Real Estate Agent Under Fire: What Are You Worth?

Amidst perpetual controversy over decreasing commissions, many consumers question an agent’s worth. Hobbs/Herder tackles this complicated subject and provides you with the solutions.

Do you have any idea what people are saying about you? Do you?

Let me tell you… Continue reading

What is a Landing Page and why are they so important to your success as a Realtor®?

Landing pages are specific online pages designed with the single objective of turning online interest into a direct sale or a lead that you can follow up on. Online advertising that uses landing pages designed to work in conjunction with… Continue reading

Keep Email Fresh! Real Estate Lead Generating Strategies.

After an agent has been sending out emails consistently for a couple of years and producing good results, it’s easy for them to rely on the same messages that have worked for them in the past. But a savvy marketer… Continue reading

Watch for Domain Registration Scam for your Real Estate Website

Protect Your Domain/URL! It’s Valuable to You.

Every couple of weeks, we get a call from one of our web hosting clients in a panic, saying they received a letter letting them know their real estate website domain was expiring… Continue reading