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License to Sell! The Art of Turning a Conversation into a Listing!

Over the years, we’ve preached the importance of changing from a “sales mentality” to a “marketing mentality.” A sales mindset is basically chasing prospects who are ready to sell now, while a marketing mindset is all about setting up… Continue reading

Why Are You in Real Estate?

Greg Herder poses the critical question to help you determine the purpose of your career. Learn why having a true purpose – beyond making money – is a critical component of long-term success, and happiness, in real estate.

More than… Continue reading

How to Find a Niche that Gives You a Long-Term Sustainable Advantage!

Agents looking for a competitive advantage in their markets need to stop looking for quantifiable benefits and start looking to make an emotional connection with a specific market segment. Greg describes how to find the right niche for you that… Continue reading

Is There an “Expiration Date” on Your Hobbs/Herder Personal Brochure?

Is it Time for a “Refresh?”

We’ve been dealing with a lot of clients lately who originally did their brochures several years ago and are now coming back to us and “refreshing” their marketing campaigns.

We’ve always recommended that you… Continue reading

How and When to Send a Digital Brochure (the rules of engagement)

Your Hobbs/Herder “Printed” Personal Brochure is always your go to marketing piece. But sometimes, you need to send a digital brochure. Read on:

At Hobbs/Herder, we’ve always viewed the personal brochure as the centerpiece of the entire branding campaign.… Continue reading

Mass Media vs. Direct Mail: Getting the Most Bang For Your Marketing Buck

Determining the best approach to reach your target market isn’t simply a guessing game. Learn how to maximize your marketing dollars in this month’s feature story.

They say 15 to 30 percent of your gross income should be spent on… Continue reading

The Video Brochure?

The Video Brochure? The Digital PowerKard? One fundamental always applies in the ever changing world of real estate marketing and technological advancements.

By Dennis LeBlanc  | Creative Director at Hobbs/Herder

If you are like me, you enjoy looking… Continue reading

Narrow Your Focus to Expand Your Real Estate Business and Generate Leads

Use the Power of Niche Marketing to Your Advantage.

Over the years, one of the biggest principles Hobbs/Herder has taught real estate agents is the concept of Niche Marketing. It has proven to be one of the toughest concepts to… Continue reading

The Secret to 10 to 1 Return on Your Marketing Investment: Think it Through!

Greg provides a closer examination of the costs and steps associated with executing a high-quality marketing campaign, and the amazing results that can be expected when you do. (Does 10 times return on investment sound good to anyone?)

By Greg… Continue reading

The Power of the Hobbs/Herder PowerKard (The Branded Lead Generating Machine)

The true “horsepower” piece of any personal marketing campaign, the PowerKard is the most essential element in your marketing mix. This month’s tip examines the many uses of this dynamic marketing tool.

What’s a PowerKard, you ask? Quite simply, it’s… Continue reading