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Are Your Social Media Pages Working for You or Against You?

Don’t Let a Neglected Social Media Page Undo the Goodwill Your Effective Branding Generates Elsewhere

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Imagine this scenario for a minute: A homeowner receives your personal brochure. It doesn’t matter how she got it, whether it was mailed to her, she picked it up from a stack or you gave it to her personally. What matters is this – she read through it and she likes what she sees. She feels a connection to you and your story.

It’s a good start. But is it good enough?

You see, in today’s world, there’s so much easily accessible information out there, a homeowner is unlikely to stop his or her research at your brochure. Why not do a quick Google search and check you out on your website, Facebook or Twitter to gather a little more information?

And this is where things can get dicey.

A Google search leads the homeowner to your personal website. Great! Or is it? Does your website convey the same professionalism and branding that was in your brochure? Or does it look like a company-issued template site that either buries your name and branding and gives the company top branding, or does the visitor get confused because it looks exactly like 4 or 5 other sites of agents they’ve been scouting? Does the jarring disconnect affect the visitor’s decision whether or not to work with you? That’s the key question.

Okay, to continue our scenario, the homeowner logs on to your Twitter but then finds a generic looking page that hasn’t been updated for a couple months. If they take the time to find you on Facebook, is your story and branding reinforced or non-existent?

Uh oh.

Hopefully you’re getting the point. Today’s technological world offers a bounty of branding opportunities, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a great opportunity for people to discover you and experience your brand. The downside is this: You never know how someone is going to find you, and therefore it is essential that your branding extends to every conceivable platform. Consistency in your branding from direct mail to web to social media is more important than ever.

Back to the scenario we described above, if that homeowner who loved your brochure goes on to find cohesive branding across your website, your Facebook, Twitter, etc., you’re only going to bolster the positive impression made with your brochure. But what about the alternative? If she finds a lackluster, generic-looking website? If she’s underwhelmed by your standard-issue Facebook page? If your Twitter page looks neglected and lacking any inkling of the branding that was so impressive in your brochure? Suddenly you’ve created a disconnect, and there goes the goodwill you built through your brochure. What if you lose that prospect to an agent who took the time to build cohesive branding across the spectrum?

Here’s the moral of the story: You never know where or how a prospect will discover you. You need every marketing venue you appear in to be in lock step with your brochure branding. In this digital age, social media has become too important to not give it your all. The good news is it’s not all that complicated to turn an ordinary looking social media page into something that truly wows prospective clients and extends your brand. Make it a priority that everything you do conveys your own personal brand. If you don’t know where to start or you’re having trouble doing so, give us a call. We can help.

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