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Is 2015 “The Year of the Listing”? How to Double Down and Reap Big Dividends in 2015.


Some industry bloggers, forecasters and prognosticators are predicting a wave of new listings in 2015. Here is the secret to capitalizing if that is indeed the scenario: DIRECT MAIL.

I know it’s become an unpopular marketing tool. We’ve all heard different stories of the “demise” of Direct Mail as a viable and effective marketing vehicle in this age of digital marketing. Often, those who are ringing the death knell for direct mail are the legions of vendors offering Social Media as the “magic bullet” for generating leads. The key here is that personal marketing in this digital age needs to be a well-rounded assault, both online, print and mail. There is no single “magic bullet” that does it all for you. Hobbs/Herder has many clients who would beg to differ and are doing very well with their mail campaigns.

I was checking some of the real estate blogs and “chatter” on social media pages and heard more than a few times the prognostication that 2015 was going to be “The Year of the Listing.” For many markets in 2014, the operative word was “tight.” As in “tight inventory.” We’ve seen the market fluctuate up and down over the year, but there are no proverbial “floodgates” opening. I happen to also believe that 2015 will be the year of the listing. The “pent up demand” combined with an improving economy and a steady rise in prices may not open any floodgates, but there will be more listings for the taking. Again, I don’t have the crystal ball, but that is my gut. The question is, if you agree (or at least hope) that this is indeed the right forecast, how do you capitalize? The answer may be an old school, tried and true marketing vehicle: Direct Mail. There’s no better way to reach homeowners where they live—at home.

Direct Mail, if used correctly, following the fundamentals of consistency (branding) and frequency (mail on a more frequent pace than once every 2 months), is the best way to own a piece of these prospective sellers’ minds and ensure you are on the menu when they finally decide to enter the market. AND NOW IS THE TIME TO JUMP IN.

Of course, Hobbs/Herder clients have a decided edge with their powerfully branded PowerKards, strategically building their branding and name recognition. Their quality post cards will allow them to stand out from all the noise and competition for these listings. Also, savvy Hobbs/Herder clients are coordinating their mailings with their Personal Brochure and Social Media—all carefully branded together in a tight, cohesive message/story. That is the key to success in this modern digital world, keeping  your branding locked together in step across all your marketing vehicles.

If you are not a branded Hobbs/Herder client, we have introduced a new “Farming Package” where we will help you create your brand and set you up for a systematic direct mail campaign to reap the benefits of more listings.

If you would like more information on Hobbs/Herder’s “Farming Package”, its branding campaigns, Social Media Branding Packages or direct mail plans, contact or call 657-235-3639.

Here’s to a fantastic 2015, and I hope to proclaim in June that this is truly the year of the listing!

Dennis LeBlanc
VP/Creative Director